Truck Driver Log Book Template Excel

Looking for a Record sheet for a truck or taxi driver?

In this post, you can download daily/hourly dot log book of truck driver with the latest 2020 years rules and regulations for the U.K, Canada, and the U.S. Apply these rules for both foreign and domestic drivers. Make sure every UBER or CAB driver use this template for maintaining vehicle record also.

The simple sheet you must maintain before and after every trip, here is some sample of logs help you maintaining your sheet in excel and other Microsoft template.

It’s recommended for every driver, who drives especially in the US must fulfil HOS Regulations. Without this, you can’t get a commercial license. This form is standard with each requirement like;

  1. Drivers’ Responsibilities
  2. Carriers’ Responsibilities
  3. Property Carrier Hours

How to Get Premium Template?

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Key Features of Truck Driver Log Book Template

Maintaining a logbook is much easier and simpler than keeping manual records. Moreover, the logbook is available in a different format for people with different professionals helping them all to keep track of the time and using it efficiently.

Just like driver roster template, you can create this one for a scheduled trip. They are able to share their how and where they spent the time with managers and management as well.

Truck Driver Template

File Name:- XLSX 89KB

Now truck driver log book excel template is now available here for free. It is ready to go and free of cost.

“Since ELDs also help reduce errors or violations, you did not only save valuable time, but you also save money through reduced CSA fines!” (according to

Truck driver log book template excels not only simplifies the process of recording, but its ease of use ensures it can be used by anyone.

Additionally understanding the writing is fairly easy for the management as there is no manual recording involves. Editing features are just excellent in this template and you are able to make changes in the worksheet.

  1. Daily Truck Driver Log Book
  2. Driver Dot Log Book Sample
  3. Electronic logs Book Template for truckers
  4. Truck Drivers Trip Sheet Template
  5. Heavy Vehicle Log Book App

Truck Driver Log Book Template

Key Elements of Truck Driver Log Book

The format of the template along the key elements is available here. You may go through it before downloading this excel sheet:

We make the recording of the details for your trip simple and fast with this excel template.

Header section

Start by filling the general information of the trip before getting started with the table. Enter the name of the project at the top of the template.

Now add vehicle type and name, vehicle Chases number and vehicle registration plate number. This shows that this logbook will only show the record for a specific vehicle and management can identify the truck driver for it!

Column 1

The heading for this column is the date.

  • Start entering the date for the specific trip, start filling it from cell A1.
  • Go ahead and fill the entire row with date only. Enter it in the right format.

Column 2

It is time to enter the description and reason for the trip.

Your truck drivers will love to use it as it is fairly easy in format and handling. Moreover, you can identify the time pressure and much more about your driver’s capabilities and how they are availing their time.

Column 3

This part of the template is kept for entering the name of the driver.

  • Start entering it in the cell (A3).

Column 4

  • Enter the name of the person authorizing the trip here.

Column 5 and 6

To see the total number of miles driven by the driver on the specific trip and date these 2 columns are helpful.

  • The heading consists of the meter at the start of the trip & meter at the end of the trip. Once entered go further!

Column 7

Mileage covered is auto calculate by the template using the formula. Don’t interfere with formula.

Fuel utilization

  • Column (8, 9, 10, 11)

This part of the template is reserved to help you show the fuel utilization for the trip. The headings for the columns are, liters of fuel tanked, the price paid, voucher paid and fuel consumption.

Daily Truck Driver Log Book

Most times you must maintain this sheet daily, in holidays you also must add your duty hour in it. You can’t manually change this sheet especially for the truck driver, who’s involved both Days/Night operations.

Driver Hourly Dot Log Book Sample

Driver Hourly Dot Log Book Sample

Mostly truck driver recommends Hourly Dot log book for keeping a record in a file. Here is the sample available, if you looking “DOT Sheet”. Cab Driver should also consider this type of Log for maintaining the record.

Driver Hourly Dot Log Book Sample

Electronic logs Book Template for Truckers

Most companies use an electronic logbook template for truck drivers from daily to weekly operations. So, the driver, can auto collect data for service immediately.

whenever required. In U.K and U.S mostly companies use this type of record-keeping system for any type of emergency.

Electronic logs Book Template for truckers

Truck Drivers Trip Sheet Template

In the long trip, the driver requires an hourly base trip sheet if an operation is more than weeks. Get a custom sample and design own sheet accordingly to your choice.

Heavy Vehicle Log Book App

Heavy truck more for example 16 vehicles to 24 vehicles must use the Logbook app for record-keeping of every trip, especially in Day/Night operations.

Truck Driver Log Book Template APP

So these are all the best templates, in excel and another format of Microsoft. For a special type of Dot log book or simple logbook, you must Request Accounting124 team and get a custom blank sheet for truck driver operations.

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We send this template already many users, some have a custom requirement, so we can alter this template accordingly.

If you have any questions about this template, then you can request us for the final solution.



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