Top Accounting Firms in U.K

Accounting has always been a thing of paramount importance to all businesses and while accounting is important to businesses, not all companies have accountants.

Of course, for a successful company, you need competitive accountants and hiring a number of skilled accountants for one company is just one way of doing it. Another way, that has proven to be highly effective, is outsourcing accountants.

Top Accounting Companies in U.K

Companies have accountants who can do all sorts of finance-related jobs and these companies provide accounting services to other companies that don’t hire accountants.

Some financial services that accounting firms provide are taxation, auditing, maintaining accounts, financial advisory, investment, and capital advisory and other sorts of tasks that finance experts do.

Here are some of the largest accounting firms in the world that have been rated to provide the best services there are,

#1 Delloitte

They have headquarters in New York and are spread out in more than 150 countries around the world. They have more than 600 offices and accounting is one thing they stand out with.

Aspiring accountants always know about this one company, which is very obvious considering the fact that it is the topmost accounting firm in the world.

Deloitte has been ranked as number 1 and it has been there for quite a while because of the services and rankings they hold.

They currently provide services in audit & assurance, tax, advisory, and risk; financial advisory to be precise.

#2 PWC

PWC, unlike Deloitte, is a British company having main offices in London, but the company doesn’t stand second by being indigenous to London.

It is the most competitive company being at arm’s length from Deloitte and also has offices in more than 150 countries.

The company has the number of offices than Deloitte, being 750 and their accounting services revolve around audit & assurance, tax, and consulting.

They recently partnered with Booz and Co. (being a consulting firm), they stand high in the competition.

#3 Ernst and Young

The Ernst and Young is the second-best accounting firm in Britain, located in London and the third best accounting firm in the world.

They provide the best strategy consulting services in the UK and very competitive accounting services side by side.

The teamed up with a company named Greenwich Consulting hence enlarging their business by 7 more offices to the 700 offices already there.

The company is successfully spread out into 150 countries worldwide.


The company, already providing the fourth best accounting services in the world, recently partnered with Ernst and Young hence adding to the prestige of their services in certain parts of the world.

The company is spread out in about 150 countries and has roughly 650 offices functioning worldwide.

KPMG stands as the last company to make it to the list of the big four.

The big four are the world’s four of the best and most successful accounting companies that are one of the many goals that accountants to be look up to.

Others Accounting Firms U.K

Besides all these above, here are some more firms relates to accounting. Student holding degree Finance can also apply in these firms for bright their career.

  1. Nexia
  2. Crunch
  3. Unbiased
  4. AARDVARK Accounting

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