Strategic Planning Document Template (PDF-WORD)

Specified goals and objectives require proper planning and achieving them is possible using strategic plans. Real-time strategic plans to grow your business or for any purpose can be prepared now easily! Use strategic planning document template PDF as they are premium yet free templates available here for download.

in construction reporting preparing, you require that document for preliminary planning.

How To Write A Strategic Plan A Simple Outline?

No need to start from the scratch either you are making a plan for a department or for the whole business. Real-time deliberate plans for any purpose or of any size, with a clear roadmap is available using this smart improvement tool.

Best possible course of action requires a plan and this is different from the plan & strategy. State clearly why certain action needs to be taken or you can discuss it along with your top management with clear strategy as well.

Communicate clearly and with all of the team members telling them the strategy using this excel spreadsheet or define the processes for improvement with using this template in Google Docs!

Features of Strategic Planning Document Template

As you prepare for planning, you can simply make it efficient using this template. Now have a look at the features of the template and how it is beneficial for planning process:

Strategic Business Plan Template

Identify opportunities for growth of your company or to bring improvement in the processes.

Introductory part

Executive summary- this part of the template is actually summary and subject of all the components mentioned down. Add a concise overview of the process.

It can be 1-2 word long or the better one is 1-2 lines long!

Strategic Planning Document Template

Your company

The present and history of your organization are now available in this section of the template.

  • Hit mission statement and guiding principles here.
  • Now add past events and results along management construct as well.
  • Describe your business here.

Product Service Development

  • Have an overview of your company product or specific service here.
  • Hit product service description. Now add pricing model and delivery system.
  • Delivery capabilities and critical delivery suppliers are also a part of this table.

Market research

Section of the template consists of clients, competition and market status.

  • Identify your company current position and top participants here.

Measurable marketing goals

Evaluate consumer climate, market share, distribution channels and diversification using this table of the template.

Marketing plan

Filling above tables is helpful in making effective marketing plan as well.

  • First of all, enter, strategy factor and clients breakdown. This will assist you in making your products better.
  • Now hit, market position, advertising, public relations, and test marketing, cross-selling client possibilities and others.
  • Give yourself time and analyze these factors before adding them in this part.

SWOT Analysis

This part of the template requires you to enter the opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats to the company from external and internal factors. You can check the SWOT analysis template for a complete overview as it is available on this blog!

Furthermore, mention your company relates to strategic planning document template, for nonprofits and other industries.


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