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Here is the download sales dashboard and funnel chart in excel format. Different types of strategies are adopted by companies to look for new potential customers who help them to grow their business. However, it is not useful if only customers are found but sales cannot be made. You need some Sales manager for management and tracking towards sales targets or activities.

Therefore, a process of highlighting new customers and outlining plans to make a sale process is the sales funnel. A chart can be created following a prescribed manner in the Microsoft Excel template.

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Loss of one customer causes a major impact on the business if a business is dealing with wholesale products. Losing him means losing his reference customers also. Selling products to the customers mean earning a profit for the business to run it effectively.

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Format of Sales Funnel Excel Chart Template

It is important to earn the amount in the form of profit to meet the expenses of business which is only possible by attracting new customers as well as ensuring existing customers to stay with the business.

To keep the business stable to ensure running out its operations in a continuous manner customers are a structural part of the process.  To make an effective and useful sales funnel chart in excel it must include:

The duration must be decided for which a table is formed.

  1. It is formed in a pyramid form.
  2. Once the pyramid is formed it must be turned upside down.
  3. Sales funnel chart created for a specific month shows month and year on the top of the sheet.
  4. A chart starting from the very bottom shows “follow up”, “commitment” and “negotiation”. It shows money made from sales at each stage.
  5. “Development”, “analysis” and initial communication are the upper part of the pyramid.
  6. The topmost bars in the pyramid shows the net amount made from sales in a specific period.
  7. To create an applicable pyramid and a selling process some certain points need to be focused.


Recognition period

It can also be called the advertisement phase. The product can only be sold to customers once they are aware of your product and company existence in the market.

The marketing department outline cost-effective marketing plans and advertisement plans to let know the customer’s existence of their product. It is specifically required when a new product is launched by a company.

Introduction Stage of Sales Funnel Chart

Once the customers become aware of your product in the market it is important to draw their attention towards your product. It is due to features and specifications offered in your product rather than others which attracts the customer towards your product.

Assessment and Decision Making Stage

Choices for each type of products are available in the market, therefore, reaching a decision is confusing for the customer. However, a time when the customer makes an estimation between products is an assessment stage that leads a customer in making a final decision.


Once the decision is made the final stage is to buy a product. This is the stage when the company becomes assured that customer is actually attracted towards the product launched by them.

Once the purchase is made customers monitor the performance of the Sales Funnel Template Excel whether it is working as desired or showing under standard performance. If a customer is satisfied, he will repurchase the product.

For a marketing team, sales executive, financial planner and entire team, sales trend analysis is the most concerned chapter of working. There are smartly designed Excel analysis templates specially created for this purpose which you can use and manipulate your statistics for deliverable strategy development.

Moreover, this analysis is directly supportive of strategy building, product design and development and improvisation of general working layout owing to the need or changes occurring in your regular target market. Check out more sales Invoice template for help in making project planning.

Analytical Approaches in Market Today

While taking the review of sales action activity, fine structured is so helpful and effective that you can avoid much of your analytical and comparison work by simple notation mentioned in them. This analysis reveals complicated facts and figures about market trends,

customer’s choice, compatibility and pricing of products as well as competitors. These Sales Funnel Template Excel is key of your overall sales strategy. This entire set of steps and activities collectively forms this extend analytical approach which helps you finding out new and more suitable moves according to the emerging market scenarios.

Sale Trend Analysis in Funnel Model

There is no chance of growing your sales and excelling your product share in the market unless you properly know and understand the operating basis of the market. You always have to know well about the nature and working attire of your competitors, possible threats and hazards lying in your product line. You also have to keep aware of the economic challenges of a local region.


Sales trend analysis, if designed and performed precisely, is very much helpful and productive to shape out a complete sales plan with improved steps. This analysis lets you spot low potential sales areas, the reason for them being low potential, other trending cascades of the market besides opportunities of strengthening. Here are some of the significant reasons for its affectivity;

  1. Shorts down and lines up effective areas of workout
  2. Help you discover the competitive strategies of pricing and features
  3. Unveils market variation due to any certain reason such customer interest
  4. Helps to intimate marketing and financial teams to plan accordingly
  5. Rules out the chances of careless dimension setting
  6. A timely report of new excelling ways and opportunities through verified channel
  7. These are a few primary motives and features of this brilliant analytical tool.

Sales Forecasting Using Pipeline Charts Method

Rather than penetrating into deep details, there is another easy and handy way of conducting this complicated task. You can do this all work by creating your tool, which you can design and create as per your requirement. These templates have a variety of features for both recordings of your data and statistical manipulation.

You can set formulas and functions of Excel to make your work automated and simplified. In supply chain inventory management same tools use for helping projects. There is no need to plot every function single-handedly. This way you can save your time and stay much precise with your results and outcomes.

Create Sales Funnel Reporting Invoice

In today’s business culture, sales invoices are always issued over the selling items and acquired services. This entire process is an integrated portion of billing and using Excel invoice templates always helps you to quickly generate the bill of relevant products or items you are selling. This invoice is issued to the customer and it’s a formal proof of payment against the sale.

Usually, in large retail stores and points of shopping where the bulk number of customers has to visit each day, you really need a tool for quick and urgent billing.

Using smart Sales Funnel Template Excel for billing and cost adding, you can line-up all the available product range in one spreadsheet and by selecting relevant items, these templates automatically generate the total bill, making it easier for you to calculate the total. It saves your time, avoids your potential from writing off bills manually and generates a catchier outlook.


Every business keeps its own format for stating details on the invoice but in order to create a standard and personalized template, you need to keep a couple of important factors that are generally present in all sales invoices. Below is the list of these generic elements;

  1. It contains the company name as the header
  2. Then contains the items being sold and their respective cost
  3. Followed by the individual cost, the total bill is mentioned
  4. Any implied policies of the seller end are also mentioned
  5. Finally, the signature of the seller and buyer to authenticate the invoice

Once you create a draft according to your requirements, you can save a lot of time and get done with this task quickly.


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