Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

Manage to schedule and calculating expense for your construction projects is now easier and simple with cost estimator and cost calculator.

The construction project is different from a kind and involves many stakeholders. To let them know of the budget and to make it pass through from all the hands, a residential construction cost estimator excel is a lot more useful than expected. Tracking accounting and smart plan can be developed using this excel worksheet.

Before calculation make sure you know about how cost escalation is measured?

Daily Reporting/Tracking Template

Customizable, flexible and user-friendly sheet, this excel template can serve both the small construction projects and bigger construction projects as well. Check daily construction report template in excel format for more sheet.

Either you are dealing with residential construction plan or having a hard job in estimating cost for the bigger construction project this is a lot more useful. Prepared by professionals, you can now have accurate cost estimations for your projects within minutes. Save your time and effort by getting this sheet now.

Format of Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

With a step to step guide, you can now make the right use of a template. Have a look at the format and designs of this excel spreadsheet now:

  1. Project Cost Control Sheet

Project cost profiles

Hit the project number, project title, date updated and TPC/ range ($k) here.

Fill it from cell A3 to A6.

Column 1

This column consists of cost elements for the specific construction project.

It consists of

  • Critical decisions approval
  • Total estimated cost
  • Total TPC
  • Other project costs (OPC)
  • Total OPC
  • Total project cost
  • Total TPC (post CD-2)

Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

Row 1

All the cost elements are listed in the headings. The main headings include FY PY2004, FY PY 2005, FY PY 2006, FY PY 2007 & total prior years. (Duration of the construction project)

FY BY 2008, FY BY 2009, FY BY 2010, FY BY 20011 & out years and beyond.

Others are total current estimate total previous estimate and original validated baseline.

Total estimated cost

Cell D17 with formula =SUM (D15: D16), G17 with formula =SUM (G15: G16).

Total estimated cost elements are designed PED, design, contingency, total PED, obligations, and others.

Construction cost PD 2 with elements site preparation, equipment, all other construction, total construction, obligations, and costs.

Start filling them in all the rows and headings mentioned above.

Total TEC (post CD-2)

Enter all the details for total contingency for all the prior years and the years beyond for the construction project.

Total TEC is shown in cell P32 with formula =P17+P27.

Other project costs

The elements of this section are conceptual planning, conceptual design, start-up, appropriations, obligations, and costs.

Start filling them for all the years

OPC is shown in P55 with formula =P42+P50.


It is calculated using elements appropriations, obligations and costs.

  • It is shown in cell N62 and calculated using formula =N20+N30+N45+N53.

Total TPC

  • Add total contingency costs for all the years.
  • The total is shown in cell P64 using formula =P32+P55

Types of Construction Cost Estimation Sheet in Excel

Here are few types of keywords, which general audience use for searching in depth. Man-hour estimation to a cost of apartment sheet is ready to download.

  • Tender Cost Estimation Excel Sheet
  • Costing of a Contractor in Excel
  • Man Hours Estimate Excel Template
  • Construction Costs Apartment Excel

Tender Cost Estimation Excel Sheet

Detail cost plan regarding tender is ready in excel template, before an auction of any tender you must design its cost plan for perfect biding for that tender. Estimation of the workforce to all other related expenses is lie in that project.

 Cost Estimation Sheet in Excel

Costing of a Contractor in Excel

If your project involves no of a contractor than you must calculate each of expenses before getting the project, so a specific figure of the amount you can discuss with project meeting. This sheet will also help you further in making a business case study plan.

Man Hours Estimate Excel Template

Man Hours regarding excel template, which mention all expense and daily plan for the workforce. No of factors like (Grant, Cash, Materials, Labor, Volunteers, etc.) involve in designing that sheet.

Other factors like

  • Date Joined:
  • Sick Leave Entitlement and insurance :
  • Hospitalization Days Entitlement:
  • Employee attendance and leave record

Construction Costs Apartment Excel

Construction of an apartment is similar to a residence or commercial construction, so you don’t need to get an extra sheet for that. Just a few changing like floor plan, no of the agent involved with their sharing percentage must add in that template.

So last but not least authority signature and other stamps, use a digital signature when agreement through online. This Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel template will help you at all.


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