Rent Ledger Excel Spreadsheet

For property owners and businessmen, keeping up exact records is essential for remaining aware of the rents and to avoid legal troubles. Have a look at the read-to-go rent ledger spreadsheet to save time and effort!

Precisely these excel worksheets can enable you to meet state rules and regulations about rent practice as well as getting your rental income on time as well!

To help your administration procedure and to maintain good relationships with your tenants, this template is helpful. From general ledger account reconciliation to other cash petty statements you can manage at all.

  1. Rental Payment Log Template
  2. Rental Property Ledger Sheet
  3. Tenant Rent Tracking Spreadsheet
  4. Rental Property Tax Deduction

What is more effective than this template to keep you organized? And additionally, landowners and, occupants may discover the lease installment plan and be paying it timely.

Rental Property Tax Deductions Worksheet

Property Management System

Moreover, they are able to monitor what they have paid and see the cost of the whole rental period reducing cheats and frauds.

Components of Rent Ledger Excel Spreadsheet

This is particularly helpful for those moving out into a rental home, ready to invest in property and for the property owners as well. Now have a look at it:

General information

Add tenancy term, rent to be paid, weekly rent, deposit, rented from and including, and rented to here.

Tenant name and address must also be mentioned here along with the total rent!

Check the cell F10 with formula =((IF($D$4>12,12,D4)/12)*_term)*_rent_amount for total rent.


For the overall payment register, you need to fill the data in the table. The headings in the table are, date due, amount due, amount paid, check no. , receipt no and balance.

Step 1

Enter the date due for the rent according to the rental agreement.

Step 2

Now fill the amount leftover and amount paid for clearing the rent.

Step 3

Check no and receipt no makes tracking and recording simpler for the property owner. The balance is then shown in column F.

Consisting of a single spreadsheet, this excel worksheet ensures the proper management in a property management procedure.

Rent Ledger Excel Spreadsheet

Rental Payment Log Template

In this template, you can get Free Monthly Rent (to Landlord) Receipt Template, in case of log for keeping a record for annual tax purposes.

A very important document in case of any Wrong receiving and thus require reconciliation.

Rent Log Template

Rental Property Ledger Sheet

General and ledger sheet of rental property for monthly to annual record keeping. You can also arrange your tenant pending amount in that sheet and seen in a just single click.

  1. Manage Hundreds of Tenants
  2. Column and row changes accordingly situation
  3. Calendar 2020

Tenant Rent Tracking Spreadsheet

Tenant rent tracking sheet, as a landlord you must track each tenant payment history monthly basis. You can also manage credit history and a down payment of each tenant.

If any trouble during payment via prepaid, then download prepaid account reconciliation template for the mixed payment schedule.

So we have complete Rent Ledger Excel Spreadsheet, just you need to submit your request according to the desired template.

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