Rent Deposit Receipt Template

While offering the office rental services, deposit receipt is the formally generated document as proof of monthly rent payment. Using Excel receipt templates, it eventually becomes easier for you to add up varied details of the services and summing up the bill.

These templates are based on set format and standard functions required to add up the cost and generate the bill. Working with them always saves time and confusion.

Check out house rent receipt in word format. Once you create your desired outlook of the cash management system.

  1. Both Commercial & Residence Template (Excel Format)
  2. Spreadsheet excel template (Financial Calculation)
  3. Rental Property Calculator 

You don’t need to write off the monthly bills for multiple clients from scratch neither to type them every time. Just open the saved template, enter the details, insert particular information, alter some segments, and take out the print, you are done with this task.

Key Features Rent Deposit Receipt Template

Based on the linear details of services included in the package, format of deposit templates varies from company to company. But apart from specified details, there are some general elements that should be there on the draft.


Taking a look at these necessary content categories, you can easily create or customize an Excel template for your personalized use;

  1. Your company name as the title which confirms that the invoice belongs to you
  2. Client’s details like name, contact number, registration ID or something
  3. Details of rental package and services being attained for the client
  4. Individual cost and billing details of the client
  5. Property Tax Deduction 

Printable Commission Deposit Invoice Template

If you are a real estate agent, download commission invoice here, which shows the deposit amount and the receipt can be taken in printable form and the copy is provided to the customer as well.

Security deposit receipt template for homeowners can help is preparing most suitable rental and lease agreements therefore they are also added here in a suitable style. Clients usually ask for an invoice, when they pay out any form of commission therefore using a printable commission deposit invoice is the requirement of your shop these days.

Crimes are reported worldwide and new ways are adopted by criminals, therefore an individual is conscious of written proof whenever he is paying commission to the real estate agent whether he is taking an apartment on rent, leasing out a car, or busing land in some new housing society for investment purpose.

Printable Commission Deposit Invoice Template Format

Deposit invoice added here layout has been favored and adored by many agents as it is easy to use.

  1. Property: This invoice holds the details about the property like property name, address, and area whether it is taken for any purpose.
  2. Agent information: Real estate agent information is added on the invoice as well like his name, address mentioned on the national ID card, and contact details.
  3. Amount paid: The total amount paid by the customer is shown on the invoice as well as the percentage of commission on the amount is written as well.
  4. Commission amount: Although percentage has been written. But it is important to write commission amount as well on the invoice.

Security Deposit Invoice Template

As a home owner, you are definitely charging some security deposit amount to your tenants; however, you can now easily show this amount in invoice added here and provide a copy to your tenants.

Check out Rent Deposit Receipt Template download. This proves beneficial specifically at the end of tenancy time when fights are common between tenants and home owners over the security deposit amount.

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