Regression letter Word (Resignation-Letter)

Quitting your current job? And you need to write a professional resignation letter to the management? Download our free resignation letter from job PDF- word.

There are many reasons to leave the place of your employment and where you are currently working, however, writing a letter with proper format can be time to consume.  Ideally, every time we quit it is due to a higher designation with better salary benefits, better advantages, and more space for progression. In any case, you can now carry out the procedure easily!

Composing of Resignation Letter

In all honesty, the standard guidelines apply: give appropriate notice, compose a resignation letter in proper format and quit after it is accepted.

Keep in mind that your top management will be able to have a positive image of yours in mind and share the same with your new employer as well!  You may require a letter of experience from your boss later on.

Format of Resignation Letter from Job Pdf-Word

Regardless of why you are leaving a job, you can now easily compose a letter telling your reason to quit with this template. Coming in word and pdf form, explore its components now:

Sample Resignation Letter in Word

By giving such a letter, you open the way to getting positive compliments. Essentially you are able to remain in contact with the current employer as well. Moreover, this is even beneficial for the success and for your career.


Enter, your name, your address with city, state and postcode, your phone number, email address, and date and it will be adjusted automatically on the word file.

Resignation Letter FormatBody

First of all, Sample body part consists of writing sentences in the proper manner, appreciating the current company and your time period spent here and informing the management that you are quitting the job.

“a statement like, I would like to inform you that I Mr. X really loved working with the current company, however now I am resigning from the designation of Sales manager.”

Now do mention your work experience here and be thankful for the management.

“a statement like, “I really appreciate the 3 years I worked here and able to get the chance of learning more and more from the job. Now I will leave the job after a month according to the agreement.”


Do write your name, organization name, organization address, and date at the closing of the letter.

Tips for writing resignation letter from job pdf-word

Do include the following elements when writing a resignation letter from the job.

An early notice

According to your agreement, you must give an early notice to the management. Moreover, ensure that you have mentioned the date in the letter when you are quitting the job.

Offer your help

To make your top management feel good, it is highly appreciable to offer help in the letter. You can simply add I would like to help during my employment period. Do tell me if am useful to you in any way!

Write short and relevant letter

In addition, Instead of adding details, keep the letter short and precise. For more Format of Resignation Letter, contact us or comment us.

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