Recruitment Tracker Template Excel

Looking for Best Tracker for the easy managerial solution for recruitment? Here are some top companies offering template (No-Macros) in Excel format.  Rate the Best Tracker and get the Free sample. if you want to get a Free or Buy premium template for the demo, then you can request us for Demo. You have to buy through Official sites for download and support.

Already thousands of small companies using these template rather than other expensive tools. On the other hand, no comparison to “Job Candidate System”.  Through the system, you can manage sheet online, and through APP. Easily Attract, evaluate and hire candidates, easier through the online system rather (Software Suggestion) than an Excel template. Custom solution for clients according to their Job board, share documents, import reports, and other Web-based application.

This template is only for small business, recruitment manager

Mostly HR recruiting agencies (small business) use this kind of system for applicants tracking for generating reporting and track applicants through step “A”. In this post, I give you the best sources, where to find your template with the complete satisfaction guarantee.

Recruitment Tracker for HR Managers

Appropriate recruitment process requires all the applicants’ details and the other data available timely and in a single spreadsheet.

With recruitment tracker template, you are now able to your business recruitments needs and the number of applicants applying for the designation.

Recruitment is one of the most critical jobs in the HR department.

Finding the right candidate, checking, and finding the correct ability to join your group is vital to guarantee the accomplishment of your business goals and objectives.

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HR Manager Template in Excel

For organizations where recruitment is base in multiple phases, recruitment tracker template excel is even more helpful. Having a staffing plan set up saves your time and you are able to choose the best candidate among the rest and this is only the tip of an iceberg.

With this read-to-go excel spreadsheet, definitely, you are able to customize it according to your needs and add remarks as well to make recruitment better and efficient than ever.

Job Candidate Tracker Excel Template

Confuse about getting the sheet for recruitment or ready to make it part of your company? Go through the design of the sheet and its components as well, before downloading it:

Recruiting tracker components


Your recruitment trackers have various components on the top, start by choosing them.

  1. Choices are settings, jobs, applications, dashboard, and candidates.
  2. Choose one job and stage to see candidates list.

General information

Now enter the general data for the recruitment template.

  1. Enter the job posted to date, as on the multiple sources. Now fill the number of positions as they are open up in your organization or a plan.
  2. Enter the status as open or close. Open for, if you are looking for the candidate. In case the candidate is chosen to enter the status as close.

Now Enter the Job Title

The number of candidates hired must be added as well.

  • Now fill the days in the market.

Current pipeline

To save time and making tracking easy and simple, the table in the body section is amazing. The current pipeline consists of, application; phone screen, MGR interview, on-site interview, offer and hire.

  • Fill all of these components.


Table in the body sections consists of, pending applications, choose the stage, candidate name, status, and comments.

  • Fill the candidate name in the table. Now add the status of the specific candidate as shortlisted, hired, or rejected. Now you can add remarks or comments for the specific candidate as well.

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard

To provide a summary of the whole process, a dashboard is available as well. Once you have filled the information in the body part, hit refresh and a dashboard based on current information is available.

  • It comprises, hired, rejected, days to hire, cost per hire, open positions and days available.
  • Pipeline efficiency of hiring is shown with help of pie chart. Analyze it!

Recruitment Dashboard

Recruitment funnel and monthly metrics are part of the dashboard as well.

  1. Recruitment Report Template Excel
  2. Recruitment Manager
  3. Recruitment Database Format
  4. Applicants/Candidates Tracking System

Recruitment Report Template Excel

Schedule reporting of applicants as per the hiring procedure on-going process. Reporting is one the most important thing in all hiring process.

you must report to your superior authority about the expense of hiring and best recruiter through particular stages.

Recruitment Tracker Template
Template Author:- idashboards

Recruitment Manager

This call “Recruitment Manager” the only template which helps you to start procedure from one stage to last.

Database Format

You can store the database from starting hiring procedure and different position store, which can use in the future position, so save your money and time and get that.

Recruitment Database
Credit Goes to INDZARA (Visit INDZARA for Getting This Template)

Applicants/Candidates Tracking System

Although online applicants tracking is greater than due to cloud base operation, but this is one of the cheapest product, which manage your entire solution easily.

Each candidate will auto track and go through the system, which further available if not selected for any reason.

As for source you must more description detail at WikiPedia about it.

Note: For Download Template comment us, and discuss your requirements so that we can suggest you best one.


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