Project Cost Control Sheet Template Excel

Looking for Project Cost Control Sheet Template in Excel Format? Let’s check out with some construction and status report example.

Project expense estimate and cost control sheet in excel format with 2018 calendar tracker. Before reading this topic make sure you know about how cost escalation is measured?

Cost is one of the key performance indicators for projects and therefore cost control is vital to ensure project success.

Project Cost Control Sheet Template (Features)

In short cost, control is a full process consisting of not only planning the budget but also planning for each project stage and potential risks to the project as well.

  1. Expense of budget management
  2. Inventory Management also
  3. Fundamental of Project Costing process
  4. Track Project Cost performance through reporting

Understanding To Project Managers

It includes project profitability and meeting deadlines smartly as well, smart project managers do understand its worth and give it importance.

Name:- Project Cost Control Sheet Template

File Size:- 87KB XLSX

Projects managers build up spending plans and timetables, however it is now easier with project cost control sheet template available here.

  1. Cost of Good Sold

Setting parameters gives cost and time structures and lays the basis for the undertakings to take after. The main advantage of cost controls is that they bring down the organization’s general costs.

Excel Project Cost Tracker Template

You are now able to control and reduce expenses your projects better with this template.

By constraining the measure of cash representatives can spend, the organization puts a top on how much cash can go out the entryway:

General information

Start by filling up this section of the template. It requires you to enter your company name, cost control worksheet and company confidential (in case if this is specific document).

If this is a general cost estimator you may remove “company confidential” from it.

Project name

Single template with cost estimation for all of your projects is available for download here. This is because you need to start enter all of your projects name in this row.

The project’s name depends on your company. a example includes, “A Datum Corporation”, “adventure works abc”, “Koho winery”, “Koho vineyard” etc.

General partner

It’s time to enter the general partner costs for each of the project in this column. Double-check it to reduce the chances of any confusion or wrong calculation.

Business lawyer

The cost for the business lawyer required for each of the project filled under project name to be entered in this column. Just enter the amount and choose the sign above or in the settings section.

Defense Litigator

You need to enter the defense litigator costs in each of the box. In case there are no defense litigator costs for any project leave it blank.

Intellectual property lawyer

This column is reserved for the intellectual property lawyer costs for each of the projects. In case there are no costs leave it blank simply.

Bankruptcy lawyer

For each of the projects, you may need to have a bankruptcy lawyer. Start entering the costs in this column for the projects listed under the project name.

Administration staff

Start adding the overall administration costs for each of the listed project in this column. Leave blank in case of no cost.


At the end the this Template Excel will calculate the total estimated costs for the specific project and this is shown in this column.


Construction Cost Control Sheet (Example)

Here is an example cost control sheet in excel format, if you are in the construction business, then download this sheet and ready to work after editing.

Related Template: Construction Estimation Template

Column “C” row 5th you can enter numeric values like (0101, 0102,0101,0103)
Enter Description in Column “D”, enter “Original Budget in “E”, F for “Committed

  1. Certified to Date
  2. To Complete
  3. Total Revised Budget
  4. Variance
  5. Accruals

Simple Sum Formula like is apply for example (=SUM(K8:K11) for subtotal.

Some Values relates to the Construction field, you can add your field accordingly in this section.

  1. Architect
  2. Structural Engineer
  3. Services Engineer
  4. Fire Design
  5. Quantity Surveyor
  6. Project Management
  7. Civil Design
  8. Landscape Design
  9. Urban Planner
  10. Specialist Consultant
  11. Disbursements
  12. Design Contingency
  13. In Total this formula apply for sum up all sub-total (=SUM(K12+K26+K30+K42+K52+K59).

Overall Project Status Reporting Section

In this section, you can get remarks over (Timeline, Quality, Programmed, Cost, Business as usual impact) and most importantly “Risk, issue & decision update. Any problem should be mitigation and describe in that column with a particular risk or issue in a certain period of time.

Download project cost control sheet template excel and get support regarding any problem or query. If you don’t like that template or looking for another industry than comment us our team will design template for you accordingly your demand.

Download this Sheet:- cost-control-template

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