Printable Lodge Bill Format in Word-PDF

Looking for Lodge bill format or receipt of hotel room booking in Word format? Printable lodge or hotel rent bill in word and PDF printable format.

  1. Hunting for the blank template to make your invoicing simple at the hotel or lodge?
  2. Get the ready to go lodge bill template in a single click now and make your working simple!

Interested in getting paid easily by your guests and the right amount staying at your lodge? Don’t have time to start from scratch and prepare a lodge bill receipt?

Lodge Bill Template Features:

Before going to main topic, make sure about key features of the template.

  1. Use in Hotel booking and another room booking
  2. Ms. Word Compatible format
  3. Excel-Based template for generating a printable daily booking record

Customize Invoicing Format 

To make the invoicing simple for lodge owners and ensuring they can focus on rest, easy to use and fully customized lodge bill format in the word is now available here.

  1. Fuss and confusion over service charges and another form of charges are common in customers while paying at the cash counter, therefore, the lodge bill template in word is now available to make it simple.
  2. Looking for a unique yet smartly prepared receipt to use in all your lodges, make little modification and you are ready to go!

This template plays a vital role in letting the owner aware of the visitors staying at the lodge on any specific date as well.

Lodge Bill/Invoice 

Multiple Formats in Microsoft

File Size:- XLXS 76KB

Components of Lodge Bill Format

You have a choice to select any of the templates from the listed below, however, the major components of the templates are same. Let’s have a look at them:

General information

This part of the template consists of, “name of the lodge”, “address” “contact number” and “website”. Start adding the details and there is no need to fill them again as they remain the same for all the receipts.

The main body of the lodge bill

Bill no– Specify a unique number

This keeps each invoice in the record efficiently and can check any time.

Number of hotel rooms booked– Add the number here for the specific guest.

Room rate– Add the single room rate in this box. This is because you may have different types of rooms available at your lodge.

Room number: add the room number here!

Check-in time and date– it’s simple. Simply enter the check-in time and date here. Specify the time in am/pm and date in dd-mm-yy

Check out time and date: Follow the above pattern and enter check out time and date here for the guest.

Room boarded by– Enter the name of the individual here.

Address: Enter the address of the individual here.

Phone number- Enters the contact phone number for the guest here!

Total amount for the food ordered– This consists of the name of the food services and quantity per unit. The total amount is then added showing the total food charges.

Other hotel services total charges- This part of the template consists of miscellaneous or other services and rates of each service.

US Base Format

U.S based format relates to lodge bill is ready in the printable sheet of Word/PDF and other Microsoft templates.


U.K Base Lodge Bill Format

Download U.K base lodges bill or rent slip for hotel/restaurant and other private lodges in multiple formats of Microsoft template.


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