Objective of organizations is to quickly present the final accounts and this is possible with series of processes and availability of financial sheets like trial balance and profit and loss statement. With cash ledger template, your trial balance can be prepared quickly and in approximately half time making your accounting process simple and quick.

Do you know recording every single money related transaction is possible with cash ledger template? Work that your bookkeeper do typically have mistakes, however when using the excel template, your accounts and bookkeeping is error free. On the off- chance, you may find calculating tax difficult, but this is no longer required!

Main Components of Cash Ledger Template

Get a breakdown of your costs and other expenses using this template? Now have a look at the key components of the template by going below on this page:

Cash Memo Format for Hotel Cash Inventory


  • Start by filling company name in cell A1.
  • Enter the name of your template in cell A2.
  • Leave cash on hand blank as it is calculated with the function already entered in the template.

Particulars of the table

Do you see the merged cells? These cells are A3 and D3 with headings, debit/inward and credit/ outward.

  • Now it is time to fill headings in the template.
  • Add, date, particulars, amount in Rs. And again date, particulars, amount in Rs.
  • Now start filling the date across any date and add the particulars as well.

Done with it add the amount in cell C5 for the debit transactions and enter the amount in cell F5 for the credit transactions

Total for the debit is calculated and shown in cell C21 with the formula, =SUM(C5:C20) and total for the credit is shown in cell F21with formula, =SUM(F5:F20).

Submit Your Cash Ledger Inquiry

Now your cash ledger template is ready and it make preparation of trial balance a simple task. You can use it creating bank cash book, and other reconciliation statement. Other related template like cash flow forecasting, cash flow action plan, expense reporting, income statement is ready for your accounts management.

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