Pert Chart Template Excel for Project Management

For the makeup of your project, you must need some kind of graphical tools for project management. Here is some perfect bundle of graphical presentation tools for your project plan. Before drafting your project, it’s essential to mark every little aspect, so Pert Chart template is suitable to you.

In addition complex tasks and their due date according to the project planning are shown as well. Visually attractive chart holds user engagement in it as well!

According to Wikipedia, “PERT chart, is a statistical tool, used in project management, which was designed to analyze and represent the tasks involved in completing a given project.”

In this post, you can download different “BEST PERT CHART” for your different project plan.

  • Pert CPM Template Excel
  • How to Make a Pert Chart in Word?
  • PERT CHART in PPT Format
  • XLS Format PERT CHART Example 1

Timely examination and tracking enhance project management and basic leadership by incorporating and showing information from numerous departments. Moreover, both qualitative and quantities data is the primary requirement for project planning.  See each of the individual role in the project cycle with this excel sheet.

Some of Templates is only access VIA EMAIL so Comment us for getting that Template in quick time.

Pert Chart Template Excel (Format)

Discover the best use of this template for your organization by exploring its design. Let’s have a look:

  • Pert Analysis Calculator

Critical Path Tasks

First of all, this template displays the entire project in a single spreadsheet.

  • Start by entering the list of critical path tasks here in the column A starting from the cell A4.
  • These sample list here includes, mark utilities, dig holes, plant trees, and install edging, arranging water daily at 12:00 Pm.
  • Start editing and replacing the tasks with your project tasks in this column!

Used Supplied Estimates

  • Then merged B column is making up of optimistic, typical and pessimistic.
  • Fill up the column B, C, and D with all of them.

Pert Expected Duration

  • Enter the pert expected duration in the cell E4 and go beyond.

Standard Deviation and Variance

  • Enter the standard deviation and variance in column F and G.
  • Total will be available in cell H8 with the inserted formula!


Finally, enter the desired completion time and your Pert Chart Template Excel is ready.

The probability of completion will be shown in percentage automatically by the template based on the above data.

Pert CPM Template Excel

CPM or call critical path method by Vertex42 diagram in spreadsheet format. This chart shows your way to project initiating how far long and which one is critical? Best practice to the utilization of this chart is only Microsoft project, but if you cut and paste data to Excel sheet than you can also work on it.

This chart combines with Gantt chart for showing time-laps in different phases of project life cycle.


According to Vertex42 you can only perform 25 tasks, 6 spreadsheet/task. If you want to exceed the limit of tasks in it, then you must buy its PRO version of Critical path method.

Pert CPM Template Excel
Templates Detail
For: Excel 2007 or later, Office 365, & Excel for iPad/iPhone

OTHER VERSIONS:- critical-path-method

How to Make a Pert Chart Template in Excel?

Same rules apply either you want to create PERT chart in Microsoft Excel format or Word. 8 step for creating this chart/diagram according to your project plan. Different shapes you can pick for creating this diagram. Although Pert chart shape is a square edgy corner, you can create this chart for OWN project demand.



Here you can request to download different ready-made PPT slides of PERT chart diagram, which show the hierarchy of your project phases.

You can also create this chart either in WORD or EXCEL and import to PPT (PowerPoint) tool.


Templates Detail

PPT Slides with Gantt Chart

Microsoft Version:- PowerPoint 2003 to 2016 Format

Download:- Pert-Chart-Template-in-Power-Point-Free-Download

XLS Format PERT CHART Example 1

Check out, the example from some developer. If you want this template, then Comment us we will provide you the same blank template for your project planning.

 PERT CHART Example 1

XLS Format PERT CHART Example 2

Different example, which helps you to create your project plan in whatever dimension. Some chart with an example is informative, some visually attract through PPT slides.


Program Evaluation and Review Technique Chart Sample PDF

This graphical or visual chart use for analysis and program evaluation or review during creating in PDF format. Mostly analysis project use this chart for reviewing and proper tracking overall progress of the project.


Pert Planning Monitoring & Controlling Chart Free PDF

It’s an essential part of monitoring & controlling (Project Management Lifecycle stage 2). Check out the free PDF template for use in any particular project plan.

For more Detail Contact Template.Net

So if any basic Pchart is missing, then notify us. These templates or further template is either Download directly or Email sent. In addition, you can also request us Custom design template for the particular project plan for evaluation and analysis project.

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