Accounting has always been a thing of paramount importance to all businesses and while accounting is important to businesses, not all companies have accountants. Of course, for a successful company, you need competitive accountants and hiring a number of skilled accountants for one company is just one way of doingContinue Reading


In this page, I will discuss some modern concept of accounting worldwide.  Although accounting basic to types isn’t purely different but some technical changes should every student must go through. Before learning Rues of accounting, makes sure you clear concept of Types of accounts in accounting. Accounting Divide into 2Continue Reading


Accounting is a topic as vast as itself. It is a structured way of tracking money and its expenditure. For companies of all sizes, accounting has its use. Variety of Accounts definition according to accounting book but different authors, but main fundamental principles are same. So in this article, weContinue Reading

Definition A voucher is basically a piece of paper that is created upon the success of any transaction between a buyer and seller. It is used to authorize a reliable payment. A voucher is most commonly used to record or authorize a payment that is supposed to be made toContinue Reading


Employee Evaluation Template is helpful to review your employee’s performance and make sure that your business is at its climax. It’s great for you to tell the workers where they are faulty and where they can improve. We upload another sheet of employee attendance, so you need that sheet forContinue Reading

Mortgage Profit and Loss Statement

Your profit loss statement can attempt to relate the expenses and profit of the specific time and this is now much easier with excel template available here. In this post, you can download plenty of L&P template in excel format. These templates are using in many online and offline businessContinue Reading

You can now able to effectively carry out bank operations efficiently if you are using management system software’s discussed here. Project documentation and banking system introduction is now easily showed up through the software’s added here. Banking bodies are money providing bodies as well as making money management easier for both personal or businessContinue Reading

Cash Flow Projection Template

You are now able to observe the performance of your business in the last month or last quarter using quarterly cash flow projection template excel added here for your help. Effective cash flow ensures smooth daily operations of your business without any hindrance. Looking at some Cash flow template in Excel? YouContinue Reading

Funds Transfer Form

You are now able to save your time by downloading funds transfer directly into the nominated account by using the application form. Fee Printable Ms word forms and invoice templates are also found here and download for any bank. See: Funds Flow Statement International and national transfers both are possible using these forms; therefore theyContinue Reading