MIS Report Format in Excel

Financial MIS Report format in excel format for use manufacturing, production and HR department.

The flow of information is vital these days to keep the projects ongoing and making the company grow in the right direction. Go to This site and find more on MIS.

With the availability of MIS report in excel template form, companies are able to keep the resources and information organized.

This flow is actually important and is the primary success factor for any company or business. Moreover, for the project management, it is important as well.

Features of MIS Report Format?

Enjoy improved quality and quantity management decisions by getting the MIS report on time!

MIS is actually a process consisting of two stages, the primary one is updating and availability of all the company information in the online system including all types of products and rest.

MIS Report

File Size:- 36KB XLSX

While the second one is actually a role played by managers when they analyze and determine the data and make decisions or formulate plans based on it.

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The worth of a decision is actually relying on the information available for it and this is easy with a template.

Types of MIS Report Template (Functions)

Boost your production processes through getting and understanding this template. Depending on the nature of the process, the report is different. Here are the core components of it:

Annual sales MIS Report Template Excel

*don’t forget to give clear heading to the template to actually show it meaning and subject like “consolidated consumer sales by product and sales region for 2010”

Column 1: First of all, you need to enter the product code. This differs for all of the products manufactured at your company.

Choose it here if you have not done this before. This is also for the purpose of the identity of the specific product.

Column 2: It is time to enter the product description. If you have already entered the details in the set channel.

It is generated automatically by the template base on the “product D” or code from column 1. No room for error with this feature of the template,

Column 3: Heading for this column is the sales region. The purpose of this template is to tell the sales made for a specific products in the specific region.

Add the region in this column like, “Northeast South” or “more specifically the state or the county”.

Column 4: In addition. you need to enter the number of sales for the specific product which is already done in the year.

It also shows the performance of a specific products in the region.

Column 5: You need to enter the planned number of sales for the specific product in the specific region which is planned for the year. The planning is dependable on multiple factors.

Column 6: Actual versus planned is the heading in this column.

This is auto calculated by your template depending on the number of actual and planned sales from column 4 and 5. This shows the performance of sales.

  1. MIS Report for Manufacturing
  2. MIS report for Accountant
  3. MIS Report for Production Unit

MIS Report for Manufacturing

Sales and manufacturing companies, where daily base sales activate must accounts, this MIS report use.

MIS Report for Accountant

As an accountant, you already know about its importance. So download separate sheets for accountants only, this sheet HR manager can also use in the same manner.

Mis Report Format Accountant

Report for Production Unit

Production costing, sales activity and for performing more action regarding daily activities you must use this sheet. Check out production schedule template for keep track of all in-out inventories.

MIS Report Format for Production

Finally, download MIS report format in excel for your require profession and use it after custom changes.  MIS reporting is different base on the typical nature of businesses.

Mostly accountancy software already adds this system for the report to other sub-ordinates. It’s a department base template, most companies create custom templates for a special particular department.

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