Meeting Room Schedule Template Excel

Countless hours are spent in managing available space in the business and this is true for conferences rooms as well, therefore a premium quality meeting room schedule template excel is now available to ease it down! We update Meeting Room Template according to calendar 2019, so try now.

Have you ever wondered the amount of time spent when meeting organizer is connecting his workstation to the projector?

Very Important tool in the business, hectic schedule you can easily manage through this system. We create more design, notify you according to your adjusted time or meeting.

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Online Meeting Room Planner

Or how much time is being wasted when looking up for the availability of free room in the business premises for a certain meeting?

The framework of online planner excel spreadsheet makes it now easy managing and organizing the meeting and conferences room for the best use. With this system arrangement, you draw up important information and share it with your managers.

  1. Daily Meeting Meeting
  2. Expense Budget Calculation
  3. Expense relates to others
  4. Calendar Base Meeting Schedule Management 2019

Meetings are held in a wide range of organizations to examine business issues and in addition to give representatives updates on the latest happenings and their solution.

Meeting Schedule Template Template Name:- Meeting Room Scheduling

Format & Type:- XLSX 2007 to 2016


Most companies have their own conferences rooms to hold meetings there and they likewise get ready and to organize meetings successfully. Avoid the inconvenience of managing the available space in the right manner.

Format of Meeting Room Schedule Template

No need to waste time looking for the conference room availability at multiple places now. On the off chance that you are entrusted with gathering data about the meetings rooms and their availability, get ahead and use this template for the purpose:


Sometimes, you are organizing the meetings inside business premises while other time you are using the location outside the business place, therefore, your template must show the specific locations where a meeting is held.

  • To fill out the header section start inputting your company information on the top like your company name, logo and the contact details.

Once done, fill out the location that is the room number and the proper address of the room for a meeting room inside the business premises and you can have an upcoming meeting schedule about it!

Weekly Meeting Room schedule Template Excel

The table in the simple format is now available. There is no strict format required for the meeting room and you can make any changes in the sheet according to your company needs and requirements.

  • Go ahead and fill out the column A with the timings in the half-hour format. The sample is already done, however, you can change it.

Keep starting from the start of your shift timing and fill it until the ending time of the shift. This is to ensure you have complete data about the meetings at any time and the specific place for it!

  • Start from cell A5-A20 or more if required.

Meeting Room schedule Template Excel

Week of the days

  • Look out for the columns B, C, D, E, F, and G.
  • Now fill the column with red color with the day and time when the specific meeting room is fixed for the meeting.

Your Meeting Room Schedule Template Excel is now down and you are able to organize meetings in the quick and efficient manner.

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Hourly Meeting Schedule Template

Hourly base meeting schedule template in the printable format of whatever format of MICROSOFT is available. Designed this template for a weekly basis, but you can adjust according to the hourly base with adjusting weekends.

IPAD conference room booking

Especially design template for IPAD, some format of Microsoft isn’t suitable for IPAD, so download these template for Conference booking weekly or monthly and update to the accordingly year 2018 to 2019.

Meeting Room Reservation Template

Meeting room reservation in whatever place must notify all guest Manager. Short term notice to long-term reservation call format to hotel or Office space pattern and template download.

Hotel Room Booking Template Excel

For Hotel Room booking you require pure custom base “Microsoft Excel” template. In this template, you can design a template according to your hotel. For example managing staff, inventory detail management, payroll and other things in hotel management.

Meeting Room Booking Form Template

Form requires reservation meeting room booking. Download template of Form and use it after custom changes in it. You can access of particular form, some you can get VIA Email Address.

Boardroom Booking Template

One of the awesome Meeting Room Schedule Template Excel. Boardroom booking or Projector base room booking is Extra amenities you want during the conference room or meeting room booking period.

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Popular Web base Meeting Room Schedule System

First of all, make sure about your priorities regarding this system. Some business suites Microsoft template, other just experience as scrap. So some online web-based system may help your business regarding scheduling your reservation and meeting room.

Skedda (Online Booking and Scheduling for Meeting Rooms)

Some question you get an answer here regarding managing your meeting rooms up to 50.

  1. what is available?
  2. How can users book online?
  3. Track usage and enforce our policies?
  4. How can our user’s login use their existing accounts?

You can use this system and save your time and man force easily. See detail here


SourceForge meeting room system is one of the most popular ones. You can use this system for running multiple businesses in the same business and you can connect with each other.

So either you can look Meeting Room Schedule Template Excel or web-based online system, make sure about your business priorities. Don’t waste your time and money in an experiment. Just Contact Accounting124 for further help and detail.


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