Do you know not all of your labor or employees cost your company the same? Calculating man hours ensure, you are evaluating if you are actually taking benefit of all of your employees or to measure the cost per project, you are facing due to the labor. Check out construction cost estimator excel before getting this one.

To meet your financial goals set at the time of establishment or business or when working on the project, require analysis of the workers working in your business empire or the people you are paying for. Of course, if you are having working employees in the business, you are aware of the cost, you are facing!

According to Wikipedia, “A man-hour, or less commonly person-hour, is the amount of work performed by the average worker in one hour.”

As far as work goals and tracking is required, supervisors and managers are able to see which of the workers are at right place and working for the benefit of the company with man hours estimate excel template available here free of cost.  Planning a project or expanding a business may require hiring extra workers, however, this is made easier with the ready to go and high quality excel template available here.

Format of Man Hours Estimate Excel Template

Start calculating the costs of workers and man hours with this amazing excel template. Download it now or go through the design of the sheet, discuss here:

  • Basic weekly man-hours estimate excel template


The main function of this sheet is to make time tracking easy for your labor and emphasizing on log in and log out time.

Basic data

  • Enter the name of the specific employee in cell B2.
  • Now enter the hourly rate in B3.

Template Table Setting Sheet

The body of the template consists of table, and the headings are, date, log in, log out, total hours and total pays.

  • Enter the working weekdays from cell A8 to A14.
  • Log in time and log out time must e enter in 12 hours format with am and pm.
  • No need to work in the grey cells as they are filling automatically.
  • Total hours are calculated and shown in cell D8 using formula, =SUM(C8-B8)
  • Total pay is calculate and shows in the cells, E8 TO E14 for all the weekdays.
  • The formula for the cell E8 is =SUM(D8*$B$3)*24
  • Total pay for the entire week is available in cell E15 and formula is =SUM(E8: E14)

Spreadsheet Setting of Daily Hourly Estimation

This is another spreadsheet available in the template. You are required to enter some of the information here so that working on the main spreadsheet is easy and takes less time.

  • Enter all your hours in HH:MM format and this time format will remain the same on the main sheet.
  • Enter the information in the fields with white background.

Construction Daily Report Template Excel

Calculate easily Man Hours Estimate Excel Template in daily to weekly basis. You can also adjust payment setting by each employee relates to their performance.

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