IT Project Budget Template MPP

Starting up any major IT project in your company and you have no estimate for the costs? Budgeting and financing are now simple with IT project budget template MPP available here.

Want to track expenses for each stage of the project using Microsoft project; it can now be done in a time-efficient manner with a ready to go worksheet. Total project costs are difficult to calculate and this is even truer for the IT project where costs and types differ. Either it’s a single project or multiple projects going on; our template can make it super easy for you!

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“A budget helps in planning actual operations by forcing managers to consider how the conditions might change and what steps should be taken now” (according to Wikipedia).

In simple words, you are never deficient in money at any stage of the project if you have a smart project budget for the IT project and using it on the right person and time. Your company budget may be prepared annually, however, a project budget is actually prepared before it is initiated.


IT project Budget Template MPP Design and Key Features

All of these templates are prepared by our expert team members with years of experience in project management and the rest. Before going ahead the template design and features are discussed here:

Project Design

This part of the template consists of project tasks, labor costs, material cost, travel cost, technology costs, and others.

  1. Start adding your project tasks in the column with this heading, for example, include, develop function specifications, software name, develop design specification, develop acceptance software plan.
  2. Once you are over with this start adding costs for each of these tasks in the columns next to them. Do enter labor costs, material costs, and any other costs.
  3. Subtotal for all these costs is now available.

Project Development

Once you are over with the project design part of the template, this table is to help you estimate the IT project costs for the development stage. It consists of project development tasks, labor cost, material cost, travel cost, technology costs, and others.

  1. Start entering project development tasks here like develop components, procure software, procure hardware, perform test, you are free to add or delete any of them.
  2. Start adding all the costs for each of the tasks n the column next to it.
  3. The template will show the subtotal for these costs at the end.

IT Project Delivery

This part of the template is helpful for letting you get the idea of project costs require at the delivery time. It consists of project delivery tasks, labor costs, material costs, travel costs, technology if any, and other costs.

  • IT project delivery tasks list may consist of an install system, train customers, perform acceptance tests, and provide warranty support. Add more tasks or delete any existing.
  • Now start adding the costs for each of these tasks and you will get the subtotal of all these costs at the end.

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