IT companies can smoothly make investments by adopting ROI excel templates designed and added here by us. ROI analysis and ROI calculator has also been designed in these templates for easy calculation saving your effort.

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IT companies are becoming more popular day by day due to their excellence in providing software and applications for the companies and firms making scheduling and management easy. Frequently launching of new updated software’s has made the operations easy for every business.

However to develop new applications for android phone users and upgrading the existing software’s require investments of the various sort to be made in these companies. When investment opportunities have been outlined. This will also helpful in creating a fund flow statement.

It is important to realize the percentage of returning back on the investment, therefore, ROI templates have been utilized by IT companies.



Some main factor involving in it discussed here, do not forget to mention these factor in this template.

  • Project cash flows: while investment money is subjected to interest if the loan has been taken it is important to realize cash flows of a specific project before utilizing money on it.
  • Analysis of project cost savings: Pie chart is used to show this variable of the investment.
  • Results summary: This consists of total project cost savings, expenditures, income, ROI and NPV.

While different types of loan have been made available by the banks it is important to select the loan which can be returned monthly or annually according to the loan type however this is possible once ROI has been determined.

ROI percentage can be observed before selecting any loan program for the timely return of this money.

IT Return on Investment Calculator Excel

ROI calculation is simple if the excel calculator has been adopted by IT companies.  Projected cash flow in different years can be observed and therefore the total projected cash flow.

IRR and NPV are added making ROI calculation easy and accurate. These are now adopted by many software’s developing companies. For any type of company, statistics explore and preview through the different chart for projection plan must contact our team.

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