Inventory Manufacturing KPI Template Excel

Ensure success of your organization with better inventory management. If you have good understanding of the KPI’s and your inventory, you are able to keep your warehouse in order.

Managing your supply chain require consistent inventory in the warehouse, while with measuring KPI’s you are able to reduce the costs for your business as well. To tell the truth, with template for inventory KPI in a manufacturing environment, you are able to identify areas in your company which needs improvement.

According to Wikipedia, “KPIs evaluate the success of an organization or of a particular activity (such as projects, programs, products and other initiatives) in which it engages.”

Supply Chain Performance Template

Monitor your overall supply chain performance and set the KPI’s which helps to beat your competitors easily. Working in manufacturing environment requires the constant supply of raw materials and controlling costs as well to complete the projects and product processing in a limited amount. With this premium quality template you are able to bring improvement and set the KPI’s efficiently as well.

Template for Inventory KPI in Manufacturing Environment

Confuse about downloading this excel spreadsheet or not? Have a look at the key components of this template before downloading it:

Inventory Turnover Template

Do you know the frequency of your products selling out on a single day or the ratio between product preparation and selling out? Since a specific amount is stuck in the inventory either in the form of raw materials, work in progress or in form of end products, you need to keep balance. Ensure this with inventory turnover template.

Inventory Unit Analysis

This template of the template consists of, inventory units, product A, product B, product C and more. Do I forget to mention total?

Inventory unit analysis comprises of number of units in inventory- the beginning of a period, production, units available for sale, units sold, and number of units in inventory at the end of period.

  • Fill all of them with the all the products. Total is auto calculate and shown in column F. formula here is, =SUM(B3: B6)

Cost of Goods Sold analysis

This is another table available in the template. Track the number of units sold in the period using this template. It consists of, cost of goods, product A, product B, product C and total.

Cost of goods analysis consists of beginning inventory, add purchases, cost of goods available for sale, less ending inventory and total cost of goods sold.

Inventory Costing

To keep you aware of the inventory costs in details, this part of the template requires you to enter the cost per the unit-at beginning of the period, cost per unit- at end of the period, variance, weighted average cost (cost of goods available for sale /units available for sale)

  • Fill them with all the products and total is auto calculate and shown in column F.

Ending inventory breakdown

Table is filled up with the components and these include a value of ending inventory from above, finish goods inventory, work in progress, raw materials and total.

  • Total ending inventory is calculate and shown to you at the end.

Manufacturing KPI Template Excel

Download manufacturing template in excel for engineer, warehouse, and other planning scheduling process.

Manufacturing Production Template

Direct use of production plan only, not with KPI dashboard for tracking and monitoring template. Simple excel formula base template use daily base inventory tracking and product management in the superstore and another market.

4+ Production Schedule Template Excel

For more detail about Manufacturing KPI Template Excel, consult Accounting124 blog and download instantly.

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