Internal Rate of Return Calculator Excel

Useful calculator or Template in excel calculate easily all expense and costs with cash flow chart for cost return estimate against new sale or deduction of all miscellaneous, insurance and cost of equipment.

Operational Costs     

  1. Cost of equipment
  2. Fixed costs
  3. Vehicle insurance
  4. Driver pay
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Maintenance
  7. Depreciation
  8. New sales
  9. Profit per sale
  10. Courier delivery charge
  11. Number of deliveries
  12. Sale of equipment
  13. Interest rate

Here below you can compare expenses vs income with no of years


  • Terms in Years
  • Other Costs
  • Total
    Money Saves by Project


  • New Sales Generates by Project
  • Equipment Sales
  • Total
  • Cash Flow


Internal Rate of Return Calculator Excel

After calculating net cash flow you can get IRR using Formula “=IRR(I23:I33, 0.04)”. In 2nd sheet you can experience cash flow chart of IRR.

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