Learn about indirect method of preparing your cash flow statements by clicking here. Sheets are designed by professionals using excel tool, ideal for recording purposes. Profit and loss accounts of the companies are also prepared using excel sheets.

Before making investment decisions, these sheets are observed by company stakeholders as it clearly shows the current position and stability of the company in the market. It summarizes the financial details of the business, as well as profit and dividend as well.

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The statement of this sort is prepared for a specific time period therefore; it shows the financial condition and investing activities of the company in a limited time period. It does not only show the profit and revenue generated by the company, in fact, it shows the details of the activities and operations due to which specific amount is earned, therefore these statements templates are helpful in making decisions as well.

  1. Cash Flows from Operating Activities
    Cash Flows from Investing Activities
    Cash Flows from Financing Activities


There are some fundamental elements which are necessary for specific sheet, therefore activities and details covered under this specific cash flow sheet are:

  1. Company name and sheet title are mentioned on the top of the statement.
  2. For the year ending and cash at the beginning of the year is shown on the sheet.
  3. Details of the operations are shown in the sheet-like net income/loss before income and social contribution taxes and reconciliation of net income to net cash provided by operating activities.
  4. Investing activities are included under investment like sale of property and equipment, liabilities for the acquisition of investments and acquisition of the investment.
  5. Financing activities section includes the issuance of stock, dividends paid and share buyback.

Net cash flow from all these activities is then calculated as well as net increase in cash. Easily create Cash Memo through this.

Importance of Indirect Cash Flow Statements

Two types of cash flow sheets are prepared in business places that are direct cash flow statements and indirect cash flow statements. Both of these are utilized. Although preparing direct sheets are quite easier however the benefits related to indirect sheets are more and senior management of the company considers it useful to use indirect sheets to make functional decisions as information is more effectively generated and observed from these sheets.


They are able to get information regarding financial and investment activities of the company in a better manner, therefore making investment decisions without blocking other activities are possible, if you are operating these sheets.


Designing indirect sheets in excel is now easier and convenient using sheets and statements already available on the internet. You can download these sheets anywhere and then utilizing them for your company operations.

Modify the activities by replacing existing activities with your own activities. Less time is consumed on these sheets, rather than the manual recording of the cash inflow and cash outflow from the company. You are able to make other financial documents of the company like profit and loss sheets by utilizing these statements, therefore, saving the effort of your accounts department.

This Indirect Method of Cash Flow Statement in Excel can effective and help project manager regarding daily base operation.

Activities Included In the Cash Flow Statements

Investment in the companies are usually of two sorts that are longer-term investment or shorter-term investment, therefore these statements show investment activities of both kinds as well as the related amount. Acquisition of intangible assets is usually a complicated procedure as you are required to add an amount in your accounts which do not actually exist.

Proceeds from the sale of fixed assets must be added in the sheets to show the amount generated by selling out fixed assets. Cash flow from financing activities can be observed from these sheets. You are able to record effectively against paid loans and raised loans. Repurchase of stocks and inventory is shown in these statements as well.

Power Pivot Cash Flow Sheets

PowerPoint and Excel templates are operated to create functional cash flow sheets as they are a cost-effective solution for your small business.

You are able to make changes in the Cash Flow Statement in Excel template regarding removing or adding activities as well, therefore making your business functions more smooth and timely. Your project managers may require these sheets as well to calculate if the specific project is generating profit or loss for the business.


Statements of Cash Flow Indirect Methods

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