Health Program Costing Template (Excel-word)

Health training program costing template in word, excel sheet, training budget analysis. Check some costing sheets with a full budget spreadsheet example.

Organizing a health program and want to analyze the costs and the comparisons; it is simple with the availability of health program costing template. It is actually a quick way to evaluate the pros and cons of an organization when organizing a program of any type and the financial costs of any type related to it. To tell the truth health program is little different from other types of program and it may acquire additional costs like participation costs. All types of direct and indirect costs are part of this template.

Either it’s a project or health program there is always a program budget and this is based on the estimation of expenses and costs. It is then passed by top management and resources are made available to the organization as well.

Conducting program costing consists of multiple stages like:

  1. Identifying costs (directly related to programming on indirect costs as well)
  2. Identifying benefits (like direct profits, increased production)
  3. Compare costs and benefits (no longer done by you)

Main components of health program costing template- sample program costing estimation template

This template actually helps you from starting off the process until the end. Look at the format of the template before filling it:


Health Program Costing Template

Column 1

Heading at this column is “cost categories”. Some of the basic categories are already listed in the template like software costs, hardware costs, infrastructure costs & implementation costs, however, you are able to change the categories of cost.

Once categories are done start adding the subcategories under the main category. Software costs may consist of an application, software, database software and subtotal. At the end of the column total costs for the categories are calculated by the template.

Column 2

Depending on the nature of the health program or the project, the column is given heading as one time fees here. See the categories in the first column and the onetime costs need to be done for each of them. Start adding them up in this column. Grand total one-time fees are shown at the end of the template.

For any health program, you may need to enter the onetime fee for the program or the participation fee!

Column 3

This section of the template is for the recurring fees for the program. Depending on the type of health program organized, you may need to enter the fees need to be paid by participants monthly or yearly. It can be an annual membership fee of the organization as well.

Column 4

An additional column is available as others. Start entering any of the costs not covered in the previous columns and you can see the grand total for these costs at the end as well.

Review more about health program costing template in multiple sheets of Microsoft.

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