General Ledger Template Excel

Are you facing trouble in managing budget or track transactions later? Or if preparing trial balance is becoming hard job? General ledger template excel is the best-offered solution as it keeps record of the transactions made against any account & individual and recorded in the specific account.

Moreover presenting financial position of the company at any time of the year is possible using ledger account. Your managers are able to keep the accounts in the updated form if they have access to this excel spreadsheet. For daily construction reporting, this record helps you.


“A general ledger contains all the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company’s assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue, and expenses.” (According to Wikipedia)

Do you know to profit and loss account and trial balance is prepared using general ledger accounts? Any transactions on the daily or monthly order affect company expenses and liabilities.

Bank Ledger Template

File Name:- General Ledger

To ensure the company has updated accounts and full data about the debt, expenses, income and other information, your spreadsheet plays a major role. Enhance company profits and reduce expenses with this easy to use excel worksheet now available here!

Features of General Ledger Template Excel

Go ahead and download the template for more! You can now learn about its format and features here in more detail:

General Ledger Template Excel

Ledger account

**You can see at a glance is your accounts are balanced or unbalanced here!

Enter your company name at the top.

Enter the company logo in logo section. Choose upload or drop button.


You can see, “the account is currently” & “running balance” on the top of the sheet. This section is filled automatically based on the data from the table. It shows a summary of your ledger account and helps in accountants in realizing if the account is balanced or unbalanced.

Don’t interfere with these cells.


Now it times to fill the table.

  • Enter the date here.
  • You can choose if you are preparing ledger for a daily basis, week or month.
  • If it is on a daily basis you can enter the data on the top of the sheet and there is no need to enter the data in this column.

If this is for the weekly or monthly basis start enters the data when any expense occurs in the week or specific month.


  • Enter the account name here for which payment is made or received.

Some of the names of the accounts may consist of payment from Fabricam, Inc, delivery to Adventure word & others.


  • Enter the debit amount here for the company is payment is made. If the amount is credited leave this column blank.


  • Enter the credit amount here on the date for the company if payment is received.

** go through these amounts again as the balance is calculated on the basis of them.

General Ledger Template


If the leftover balance is zero, the account is balanced. In case of any running balance, this is automatically calculated by the template.

Using these General Ledger Template Excel you can keep all kind of financial record without any trouble.

Types of General Ledger Templates

In addition, for creating custom template you can call us for blank custom type. Here we have the various template for you depending on your particular businesses.

Accounting Ledger Template

General accounting template for record ledger transaction daily to monthly basis is using nowadays in all type of businesses and accounting firms.

General Ledger Spreadsheet

FOr spreadsheet of excel, you can contact us. We can only email you this template for your financial activities.

Google DOC General Ledger

For Google Doc and another specific format, you can request us to upload. Many clients already requesting us for this type of template to complete their financial planning.

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