General Ledger Account Reconciliation Template

Accurate categorization in your company accounts keeps your financial statements up-to-date and precise. With this template, you can save the record without any error in the transaction from a particular period of time. Various companies using different tools, a template for tracking issue or bug in financial reporting and after finding it must be reconciled through the proper format. These reconciliation templates will help you to manage the balance sheet in recovery mode.

So during taxation and other accountability, this record helps you a lot. Get a free general ledger account reconciliation template excel to help accountants in the company.

Here is the main type of reconciliation template;

  • Asset and Liability Reconciliation Template
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation Template
  • Debtors account reconciliation template excel

Saving time while making simple to check the integrity of balances in accounts while if they are matching with the general ledger balances or not! This is ledger trial balance reconciliation sheet, if you want some custom Editing in design or pattern, then Comment us and discuss what you want.

Bank Ledger Template

File Name:- General Ledger Reconciliation

It additionally incorporates altogether researching any inconsistencies that are notable and taking the best possible corrective activities to determine them.

Keep Financial Record without Any Error

Seemingly simple, General Ledger Reconciliation is utilizing to check an organization’s financial data comparing it with the activities especially monetary activities made in the previous time period and if they are present in the general ledger.

Having a timely accounting report is an outstanding practice. Enhance the productivity of your month-end or year ending closing balance by consolidating a predictable and dependable system.

General Ledger Reconciliation Template Excel

Format of General Ledger Account Reconciliation Template Excel

Although the terms and condition apply by Company CEO against any transaction, so this must be included in the reconciliation template. This excel spreadsheet is simple to use and equally useful for all. Have a look at the basic format of this template:


Start filling the account description, GL account number, bank account number, prepared and reviewed by names and date for both here.

Balance per bank statement

Identify the balance in the bank account with this section of the template. It consists of:

  • Add with deposits in transit and others.
  • Subtract check issued not cleared yet or other.
  • Other with bank error!

Balance is shown in cell G28 with formula, =SUM(OFFSET(G28,-1,,MATCH(“Balance Per Bank Statement”,B$1:B$103,0)-ROW()))

Balance per general ledger

  • Here, add wire transfer and credits.
  • Subtract bank charges and NSF checks.
  • Other with book errors!

Balance is shown in cell N28 with formula =SUM(OFFSET(N28,-1,,MATCH(“Balance Per General Ledger”,I$1:I$103,0)-ROW()))


  • It consists of entry #, DR/CR, account #, account description, debit, and credit.

Total for the debt is shown in cell M45 with formula =SUM(M35: M44) and for credit in cell N45 with formula  =E31+F40.

Asset and Liability Reconciliation Template

Annually or monthly record of asset and liability reconciliation base template may help you in general ledger analysis. Funds flow statement may help you in that case.

  • Account Number > Subaccount > Subaccount Name > Object Code (s) > Sub-object Code (s) (optional) = Subsidiary Ledger Balance


Balance Sheet Reconciliation Template

Use balance sheet reconciliation statement for this record. According to Balance per bank statement or balance per General Ledger in the separate column, you can get any error or easy reconcile balance sheet account in every month.

Balance Per Bank Statement

  • Add (Deposit Transit) (Other) > Subtract (Checks Issued Not Cleared) (Other) < Other (Bank Error) = Balance/Difference

Balance Per General Ledger

  • Add (Wire Transfer) (Credit) (Bank Interest) > Subtract (Bank Charges) (ACH Transfer) (NSF Checks) > Other (Book Error) = Balance

Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation Template

Debtors Account Reconciliation Template Excel

Debtors can also use the same bank reconciliation statement, as shown above, just replacing their accounts description and Role.

So Account Reconciliation Template download from, if you found any error in any template than request us.

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