Funds Flow Statement in Excel Spreadsheet Template

Cash position of your organization during a financial period can be determined with the help of funds flow statements. Cash is the life for the smooth running of any business; this is because its unavailability can seriously affect the ongoing operations and projects. Most important template or financial record for creating income statement and generate reporting for shareholders.

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The primary benefit of managing cash flow is to ensure the availability of cash for your business all the time and this is easier with an availability of funds flow statement in excel spreadsheet template.

“Making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is your problem” (according to money expert Robert Kiyosaki)

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To tell the truth, if you want to see the investment of cash from the beginning of the financial year till the end, there is no better way looking at cash flow statement for it!

Example of Funds Flow Statement Template

  1. TATA MOTORS (Company)
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The liquidity position of the company is also vital to how the stability of the company according to the financial in the specific period and therefore its growth or other important indications can be made easily.

This system base on accrual accounting. The facts which are not even shown by other financial statements like profit & loss sheet are actually displayed upon by cash flow statement!

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Funds Flow Analysis in Financial Management

Shape your business plan smartly using your cash flow statement. Download template now as it can be a success factor for your business. Here are the main components of it:

Beginning part

It is actually different for all types of businesses. This is because it actually consists of the company name, for the year ending and cash at the beginning of the year.


The operations of the financial year which actually utilize cash in some form or other is part of this section. The operations can be, “cash receipts from customers”, “cash paid for inventory purchases”, “general, operating and administrative expenses”, “wage expenses”, “interest”  & “income taxes.”

An amount for each operation is available as well. At the end of this section, the template calculates net cash flow from operations automatically!


Investing activities

This section of your cash flow statement in excels spreadsheet template shows all the investing activities in the financial period.

These activities include, “cash receipts from the sale of property and equipment”, the collection of the principal of loans, sale of investment & cash paid for the purchase of property & equipment, making loans to other entities, purchase of investment securities.

Helping in deciding dividends. In the end, net cash flow from investing activities is calculated!

Financial activities

Fill the financing activities here. They consist of, “cash receipts from the issuance of stock, borrowing, cash paid for the repurchase of stock or treasury stock, borrowing, repayment of loans and dividends. Fill the amount for each and the section will show net cash flow from financing activities at the end itself!

Monthly Fund Flow Statement in Excel

Monthly managing of funds flow regarding balance sheet and your income statement isn’t a hectic task with this template of Microsoft excel.

An accountant you can easily handle all types of expenses and income relates to arranging funds in other investors in each particular project.

Daily Cash Flow Template Excel

Cash flow operation is easy when you have all related documents like funds flow, balance sheet, and trial balance sheet. Daily cash flow management through an invoice to others is easily managing.

Finally, the net cash flow from financing activities is calculated based on the above figures!

No room for error and you can see cash the end of the year with the help of this funds flow statement in excel spreadsheet template.

Your cash flow actually covers a particular period and you can utilize it for each financial year.

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