Free Taxi Bill Format

Tour travel companies or other Taxi (Cab) providing services must generate invoice or bill for their customer regarding a particular trip or tour.  You just need to download this bill and editing according to your particular respondents. Bill like the Truck driver you can also download from there.

In this article, we give you some basic to advance sheet in excel or printable word of Taxi or Driver special sheet for check and balance taxi maintenance sheet.

Billing (Invoice) Template of Transport

In different countries like (U.K, Australia, US) companies or service provider must give the receipt to the customer regarding the particular trip. In this bill, everything is mentioned about the trip purpose to expense according to days of travel.

Taxi Receipt Format

In Taxi or “Cab” there is some heading must include in the template. As a customer make sure about these before booking any particular vehicle.


  1. Licensed No of a vehicle (Taxi)
  2. Driver Name
  3. Driver ID
  4. Date
  5. Total Mileage
  6. Passenger Bio Data
  7. Traveling to
  8. Fare per kilometers (Optional)
  9. Total Amount (Paid)
  10. Advance Amount

Taxi Invoice Template UK

Just a little bit difference between terms and condition and styling. Vat or without VAT template is available. Usually in U.K format VAT details must include.

Taxi Invoice Template

Although you can edit UK format easily and customized accordingly.

  1. Amount in GBP
  2. VAT Include
  3. Invoice Date, Taxi No,
  4. Unit price or % of Vat is the only difference

Taxi Company Invoice Format

Company Logo, Tagline licensed # and other items (Email, Fax, PH#) is on the front page of the bill. Companies also add a note in below, where they can mention about terms and condition of service usage.

All things in this bill are same, as you can see above Taxi invoice. Make sure you add a space below of customer and company signature.

How to Create Custom Taxi Bill?

Very easy if you want to make the invoice in excel, then we have a very best solution of this. You just need to enter particular invoice design and create own custom invoice instantly. This is the standard size of the bill, you can create more rows and column for increasing length.


Word Format

Simple bill can create through Word format also.

Step 1:

Go to the primary Bar (Blue) and click on insert, then click on Picture. In this case, you can add company logo, try this to place in your header on right or left side of the page, the other side will place company other information like (Name, Licensed, Fax, Ph.#).

Step 2:

Now click on Table and draw the table with required rows and columns.

Step 3:

You can’t calculate formulas of the total amount, this can only through Excel.

Step 4:

Add some space via a click on “Comment” in Insert section also for adding any Notes and signature area.

Finally, you have both choices, either create a custom design or just pick any Taxi invoice and print quick. We have more Taxi Bill Format, only provides you on request.

Request Us:

Request us for custom design Template, we will provide you Free template according to your choice of invoice. Just comment us and gives invoice details.

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