Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

Avoid dissatisfied customers in your hotel business by ensuring availability of staff by downloading like hotel employee attendance sheet excel. Numerous entrepreneurs, who don’t set up attendance sheets, may incur productivity losses.

There are many trackers available online, first paid and some non-paid (Free). You must try at least once before purchasing premium one. I also add one premium template below in this post after receiving so many positive reviews.

On the other hand, some of the small companies have the small number of workers, therefore, managing them is essential.

Staff Management Plan Template

Smart business owners, therefore, introduce ways of increasing engagement of their workers in the company to reduce absents.  Furthermore, others just feel maintaining staff attendance a difficult task and therefore avoid it.

After managing this sheet, easy to create salary slip for any employee.

To spare time, utilize an employee attendance sheet format instead of the manual attendance records which require a lot more time and effort to prepare. To tell the truth it suits your requirements and you can alter the sheet for your hotel as well.

According to Wikipedia, “Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime.”

Main components of the hotel staff attendance sheet format

Discover layouts of this excel spreadsheet that are allowed to download and simple to alter. Here a format is discussed for the sheet strictly suitable for all of the hotels, let’s explore it now:

Employee Attendance Sheet Consists of:

  1. Header section (for general information)
  2. Employees data
  3. Staff Attendance for The Month

Heading Setting Sheet

Give a suitable name to the spreadsheet according to your choice. It can be staff attendance sheet or employee attendance sheet.

Now fill out your hotel name and the month on the top. This is because these excel spreadsheet will show the staff attendance records for the month.

Add year as well so that attendance records for the previous years can be seen as well. done with it, go to the employee’s data.

Employee Data Management

Overtime for the employees and other problems can be figured out quickly and efficiently with the right use of the employee data. Moreover, it makes tracking simple and shows which of your employees are dedicated and regular when compared to other.

Start filling this section of the template by filling up the employee name, employee ID, department of the employee and his designation.

Go through the data once and look out if you are missing any of your employees. Fill it now!

Hotel Staff Attendance for The Month

Look out cell “B3” for the month. The rest of the columns ahead of it show the days of the months.

Cell B4 shows the heading employee name and therefore you need to fill your employee’s details from cell (B5-B9). You can add more cells if required!

Look out all of the month’s date and start filling if your selected employee is present on the day or not!

** use, W for the work shift

  1. V for vacation
  2. P for personal
  3. S for sick

Once you will fill the selected cell with the (V, W, P or S)t will get a new color background. This is to make it easy to track down your employee attendance and the types of holidays taken by them.

Premium Template by (Template124)

Looking for the premium sheet of excel? Here is best rating template regarding staff management.

From absent tracking to define payroll, you can manage everything.

Template consists of three parts;

  1. Attendance Tracker
  2. Attendance Summary
  3. Employee Database

Employee Attendance Register (Tracker)

First of all, in header section this sheet, you must change “MONTH” and “YEAR”, other changes will apply auto.

Absent, Leave and Attendance is showing with alphabet order like; (A, P, L).

Employee ID must define, so that get the report on another sheet with putting that ID.

In this sheet just mark employee Absent leave or present in each day.

Attendance Tracker

Employee Database Summary

In this sheet, you just need to insert data regarding each employee.

You can also add the custom detail of an employee, but in this case, you must contact US for applying those changes in final sheet.

Employee Database

Generate Printable Report

Just Insert Employee ID on define section and will get a report of an employee in seconds. In this template, you can manage thousands of employee data within the minute.

Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

Some employee duty roster template also works on the same principle.

In addition, some companies already requesting us for changing this Employee Attendance Sheet Excel according to their pattern, just little bit Fee required for doing that custom job.

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