Download Business Net Worth Calculator Excel Template

Applying for a loan or want to have information about the net worth of your business at any point, this is now simple with the availability of net worth calculator for excel here.

Want to improve the financial stability of business or hunting for ways to improve profitability, if you are aware of the current level improving it is easier. to tell the truth, calculating total worth in your personal life or for business is hard however now with ready to go template you are able to do it yourself!

Net Worth Calculator for Excel

You can get detail from

Design and key components of the calculator for excel

Confused about downloading it or not? Have a look at its format and features before getting it:


General information

Start entering general data on the sheet. You can enter the company name, the year for which you are calculating it and date as well. If you are using it for personal use, hit personal use on the top!

Assets- short term

Start entering the short term assets here. List them all here. The example includes check amount, savings account, current account, gifts cards/ voucher total, others, cash/ equivalents, and the total is calculated by the template automatically!


This part of the template requires you to enter the long term or fixed assets for your company or business here. Start adding the. A list may include equipment, IT related, (PCs, laptops & other), household appliances (if personal), car, total fixed assets, machinery, furniture, and others. The total is shown by the template itself.


It’s time to calculate the value of your business or personal property. Start adding man home, another real estate, rental, jewelry and art, any property in the city or nationwide and others as well.

Visual representation

The template is worthy for saving time and effort as well. Covering all the aspects, the template has dashboard available for showing the value of assets as well. A pie chart along table is available. The table consists of “short-term assets”, “fixed term assets”, “property”, “investments and insurances”, intangible assets and assets to covering in any of the categories above.

Assets classification breakdown

A pie chart is available showing the value of these assets and finance as a whole for the company. Different colors and parts represent a specific category. Green shows short term assets, orange for the property, red for the insurances, blue for the long term assets and grey for the others.

The template is simple to operate and manage and it can be used ideally for both personal and business use. Coming in different formats, you have the choice of selecting a one for your company.


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