Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

The punch list is using in the construction business for daily to weekly reporting. Below we add daily tracking template for monitoring progress and design punch record.

Plan for completion also ensures you are able to complete the project according to the supplier expectancy and you can improve it further with a list included in a punch list.

  1. Easy Daily Base Reporting
  2. Share with other Contractor
  3. Multiple Punch List format
  4. Calendar base punch list

In construction, the basic contractor isn’t using online cloud base software for tracking daily inventory. They prefer something basic like Excel template, for easy reporting. Without accurate estimator of expense budget tracking, you can’t track any project easily. This punch list includes printable templates, just CTRL P and starts your project.

Mostly contractor demands custom template, editable or Free-style for their different construction project. So Contact Accounting124 for custom editing template.

You can download the sample here if you want to customize this according to your choice then contact us. Here is free construction punch list template excel is now added here, prepared by professionals to help you assist in your construction projects.

Inspect your projects critically using the list in this excel sheet.

Premium Construction Template

File Size:- Excel file 457KB

“Punch list truly is the final task in delivering a successful construction project, and more than “items that do not conform to contract specifications.” (According to

Delivering a successful project is not all about completing it on time, it’s about delivering a perfect and high-quality project as well.

In order to ensure all the construction and management team is on the same page and have the same goals and expectations for the construction project, the punch list plays a vital role.

Moreover, it ensures no one is off the track, providing a list of tasks need to be done before considering your project done.

Contents of Construction Punch List Template Excel

Make the right use of this excel template with becoming aware of its content. Let’s have a look at it:

Header section

It acts as to do list template making working and tracking simple.

  • Start with filling the header section of the template.
  • Enter the project name, project manager name, owner, date, and architect.
  • This header section will make monitoring and be tracking simple and efficient later.
  • You may add project members in the header section as well.

Cost Estimation Sheet in Excel

Column 1

This is actually holding the numbers for the construction list required to be worked upon.

This also shows the priority tasks. It is filled automatically.

Column 2 & 3

Punch list items- this part of the template consists of 2 columns showing the punch list items.

Description– Start by adding the item description in column 2. Keep it short but relevant. Start hitting it from cell B7.

This may consist of roof locked, the window cracked, leaking tap, fixture not working and others.

Location– Add the location of the item description needs to be done. It keeps your team members on the same track. The location can be room no 11, lounge or garage area as well.

Column 4

Date generated- this column shows the issue and problem date when it is actually generated or noticed. Add the date here to set the priorities.

Column 5

  • Area of responsibility- the team who is held responsible for setting that task right is added here.

Column 6

  • Date to be completed- the date is set according to the availability of the workforce, the issue type and persons working on it. Do enter it here.

Column 7

  • Actual date completed- enter the date when the task is actually done right. It is not a planned date.

Column 8

Remarks- you are free to add comments or remarks for any issue here.

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  2. Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

Commercial Construction Template

If you talk about commercial construction template regarding punch list than check out few samples. With implementing rules regarding the commercial area you can create a custom template in excel or further in printing.

Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

Residential Construction Cost Estimator Excel

Residential construction cost estimator involve so many values involve either society construction or particular residence.

Site preparation

  • Rough Stake
  • Cleaning, Grading, Hauling
  • Fill Dirt
  • Locate Comers


  • Layout, Dig and Pour
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Drains


  • Concrete
  • Brick, Block, Mortar
  • Sand, Steel, Vents, Damps Proofing
  • Backfill
  • Layout costing and Foundation survey

At last but not the least you can create own fully structure custom template Vis contacting us. An accounting124 team will help you regarding creating a fully functional theme of template excel.

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