Construction Daily Report Template Excel

Keep the record for all the onsite work done for the day using construction template excel available here. In this article, you can download the complete construction reporting system on EXCEL.

It is vital to document for letting the site managers aware of the manpower used on the site, equipment, and the other data for the construction. To tell the truth, any issues or mishaps which can affect the construction of a specific date is highlighted as well.

Some users ask us for custom design this construction template for a particular project. So we add some additional sheet and connect this sheet with them. Sheets like Punch List, Daily log, Gantt chart, Task manager, Calendar, and schedule management.

  1. Fully integrate data management system
  2. Auto Calculating budget plan
  3. Unparallel Solution for Project Management
  4. Must connect with Punch list template and Daily Log
  5. Gantt chart system attached if required
  6. Resource graphs and Status Reporting

Construction Daily Report Template Excel (Features)

This makes tracking super easy and reduces the expenses for the construction project as well. Plan for the upcoming days using this construction template and you will be able to complete the project before the deadline!

Ensure nothing ignored, the upcoming issues and problems leftover budget for the construction project using this excel worksheet.

Template Name:- Construction Report Template

File Size & Format:- 67 KB XLSX

Plan and set the right approaches for the project and there are no chances for worst! Additionally, these reports ensure that if there is any legal help require it can act as a proof while keeping the trouble away from the company.

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Top Construction Companies
Top Construction Companies

Construction Progress Report Format

Easy to calculate man-hour estimate through this page for making accurate Construction Daily Report Template. Keep the work delays available for your projects downloading this template? Have a look at the key components of the spreadsheet now:

Construction Daily Report Template Excel


  • Enter the report no in cell AL2 and report date in cell AO2.
  • A sample here is available for an aircraft maintenance hangar

Contract Details

All the part of the template is prepared and you are just requiring to enter the contract details here.

You require filling the resident engine, contract admin, project controls, field engineering manager, EH&S representative, Design engineer, contractor, Auth. Representative, construction manager, planning manager, and Eh & S manager.


  • The total manpower is calculated in cell R28 using formula, =SUM (R18+R20+R22+R24+R26)
  • Contractor consists of Sub-con 1, sub-con 2, sub-con 3, & sub-con 4.
  • Start filling nonmanual and manual manpower for all the subcontractors starting from cell H18. Total for each of them will be calculated using formula =H18+m18.

Other details

Enter the other details for the construction project using this section.

You may enter weather, work shift and working hours. This keeps you organize and make tracks for each of the shift.

Description of work performed

According to your construction project enter the description of work performed here.

The given template holds descriptions:

  • Construction, permanent works, temporary works
  • QA/QC
  • ME/interface

Construction consists of drilling, setting out of test pile TP01, erection of access scaffolding for warehouse steel works & preparation of the site.

Test Performed

Enter the test performed in this section of the template.

  • Leave blank if none is performed.


Types of equipment total are shown in cell S94 using the formula =O94+Q94

  • Add the equipment description and active and idle number for each of the equipment as well.

Manpower report

Total non-manual manpower is shown in cell T146 using formula =SUM (U102: U144)

  • Add the non-manual manpower here like interface manager, commercial manager & administration manager. Enter the active and idle time in hours for them.


Total for the active manpower is shown in cell AN146 using formula =SUM (AM102: AQ145)

  • Total man-hours is auto calculate with formula =AN146+T146


Add any remarks for the project here. Add the signature, contractor name and date of the report as well.

For more sample of construction daily report template excel, either direct question US or Contact Accounting124 Team of Expert.

Daily Progress Report Format for Building Construction

Commercial building construction reporting daily to weekly basis is must report to the manager for updating project status assign to every member of the team.

Download on ITUNE

Save your precious hours and generate a fully custom report VIA this application of ITUNE. Apps can make work easier if your requirement is fulfilling. Here I give you a link of an app. Check and match your requirements with it.

Download:- Here

Construction Daily Log Template

Work log form of construction schedule daily/monthly/weekly with project status report of pipeline or windows. Every civil or electrical work you can also update this sheet for further help in status reporting. For costing project of construction check here.

Daily Site Progress Report Format

Site progress relates to IT field, employee or workforce relate progress sheet, you can download here.

You can now handle the paperwork for your construction projects efficiently using this construction management invoice. Well, invoice for compensation is often required by companies to send them to the clients.

Labour Report Format for Construction

To tell the truth, these types of project are different from one another. this means active planning and support can help you get over the problems. In all honesty, you can show set up schedules easily as well.

Construction Manager invoice form:

  • Additionally, it consists of: “invoice# & period”, ”contact administration”, “ATTN”, “from”, “project number” and “invoice #”.
  • Agreement amounts consist of, “original agreement”, “pre-construction phase”, “Amendment 1”, “amendment 2 or more”.
  • Billing summary is made up of, “services”, “pre-construction”, “construction” and “other”.

You have details for any part of the billing:

  • Most of the time clients ask for the details.
  • Reimbursable expenses part is off, “agreement amount”, “list of the expenses”, “construction” and “others”.
  • In case, you always have updated invoices with you.
  • The sheet can be used as it is or make changes according to your needs.

In addition, Construction daily report template excel sample is ready for you, if you aren’t satisfied than Contact Us.


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