Do you know not all of your labor or employees cost your company the same? Calculating man-hours ensure, you are evaluating if you are actually taking benefit of all of your employees or to measure the cost per project, you are facing due to the labor. Check out construction costContinue Reading

Strategic Planning Document Template

Specified goals and objectives require proper planning and achieving them is possible using strategic plans. Real-time strategic plans to grow your business or for any purpose can be prepared now easily! Use strategic planning document template PDF as they are premium yet free templates available here for download. in constructionContinue Reading


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Construction Daily Report Template Excel

Keep the record for all the onsite work done for the day using construction template excel available here. In this article, you can download the complete construction reporting system on EXCEL. It is vital to document for letting the site managers aware of the manpower used on the site, equipment,Continue Reading

Work breakdown structure flow chart template in word format (Doc) with complete construction plan with Microsoft project help. Do you struggle to manage big projects or evaluating their percentage completion? An efficient way to complete a project requires project scope and work breakdown structure. Flow chart template for work breakdownContinue Reading

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