To calculate the profit earned by business profit margin graphs are available here in the excel spreadsheet template for the business users. Sales analysis graph and product profitability graphs are also added up here for you. Best for restaurant/hotel business. Note: For particular business, you can request us this profit margin template ThroughContinue Reading


Are you looking for an easy way to maintaining effective control in your business in an excel spreadsheet, click here and get accounting flowchart purchasing, in terms of sales and cash transaction receiving, payable and payment sheets. Cash flow statements and payable receipts are also added for the help of theContinue Reading


Learn about indirect method of preparing your cash flow statements by clicking here. Sheets are designed by professionals using excel tool, ideal for recording purposes. Profit and loss accounts of the companies are also prepared using excel sheets. Before making investment decisions, these sheets are observed by company stakeholders as it clearly shows the current position and stabilityContinue Reading

The objective of organizations is to quickly present the final accounts and this is possible with a series of processes and availability of financial sheets like trial balance and profit and loss statement. With cash ledger template, your trial balance can be prepared quickly and in approximately half time makingContinue Reading


Cash position of your organization during a financial period can be determined with the help of funds flow statements. Cash is the life for the smooth running of any business; this is because its unavailability can seriously affect the ongoing operations and projects. Most important template or financial record forContinue Reading