Download Car hire agreement format? Download template in excel & Word printable format. Check out the car rental agreement between two parties in the U.K format. From truck to a small vehicle, each term and condition and complete analysis required in this template. Download printable template in PDF, Excel, andContinue Reading

Rent Deposit Receipt Template

While offering the office rental services, deposit receipt is the formally generated document as proof of monthly rent payment. Using Excel receipt templates, it eventually becomes easier for you to add up varied details of the services and summing up the bill. These templates are based on set format and standard functionsContinue Reading


A structured ѕеttlеmеnt іѕ a сеrtаіn аmоunt оf money that hаѕ bееn ѕеt аѕіdе fоr thе bеnеfіt of a bеnеfісіаrу. Each month a withdrawal is paid tо thе bеnеfісіаrу. These settlements may соmе from insurance ѕеttlеmеntѕ, lеgаl awards, wоrkmаn’ѕ соmреnѕаtіоn, and other sources. When іt becomes арраrеnt tо the оwnеrContinue Reading

Taxi Invoice Template

Tour travel companies or other Taxi (Cab) providing services must generate invoice or bill for their customer regarding a particular trip or tour.  You just need to download this bill and editing according to your particular respondents. Bill like the Truck driver you can also download from there. In thisContinue Reading

Printable Doctors Excuse Slips

Are you looking doctor excuse slips for getting leaves from school and file a record of the company? Creating note is very simple, you can also create OWN design in Word format easily with the help of these samples.

Rent Ledger Excel Spreadsheet

For property owners and businessmen, keeping up exact records is essential for remaining aware of the rents and to avoid legal troubles. Have a look at the read-to-go rent ledger spreadsheet to save time and effort! Precisely these excel worksheets can enable you to meet state rules and regulations aboutContinue Reading