Accounts Management Software

Monthly accounts management can be complicated if you have still not bought any software for your company. Daily and annually management software are also added here for you so that you can choose the best suitable software for your business. Profit and loss sheet, balance sheets and individual accounts of the clientsContinue Reading

Accountancy Management Apps

Accountancy management is required in both small and big businesses, therefore, android apps have been added here for you. Project management and accountancy budgeting apps have also been searched here by the users. Many top accounting firms are using these kinds of apps for their routine life. Financial accounting application for android isContinue Reading

What is Unearned Income? In some cases, when you receive cash (Revenue) in term of advance rent this must include in adjusting entry as an unearned income. This amount list in Liabilities or accrued income in accounting terms. Both types of cash either under list in income or liability, as defined byContinue Reading

Definition Sometimes payment process isn’t mentioned in any entry, or use techniques for using more earned income or revenue recognition is called Accrued revenue. In some construction companies and major development, land firms use this method for capitalized in the company. Example: One of the most usual example like LandContinue Reading

Accrued revenue is the income that has been recognized but not collected for some reason. It means, in literal terms, that a product or service has been delivered to the customer but the billing for the service has not yet been processed. You can also state as, a company CTG promiseContinue Reading

Accounting has always been a thing of paramount importance to all businesses and while accounting is important to businesses, not all companies have accountants. Of course, for a successful company, you need competitive accountants and hiring a number of skilled accountants for one company is just one way of doingContinue Reading


In this page, I will discuss some modern concept of accounting worldwide.  Although accounting basic to types isn’t purely different but some technical changes should every student must go through. Before learning Rues of accounting, makes sure you clear concept of Types of accounts in accounting. Accounting Divide into 2Continue Reading


Accounting is a topic as vast as itself. It is a structured way of tracking money and its expenditure. For companies of all sizes, accounting has its use. Variety of Accounts definition according to accounting book but different authors, but main fundamental principles are same. So in this article, weContinue Reading

Financial Forecasting Report Template

Design template for easily calculate forecasting value of any project. This template is excel base, so don’t try to convert into another format like Word, PDF Etc. Don’t hesitate to calculate earned value or Planned value for getting variance cost of the particular project. Element in Financial Forecasting We alreadyContinue Reading