Buy Vs Lease Car Calculator Excel

Trouble in purchasing new car and want to get idea about best solution in low price? Through Buy vs lease car calculator in excel you can easily calculate payment in advance in case of lease of any mortgage.

With addition of taxation amount either business purpose or individual, you can get potential financial deduction amount easily.

How to Buy Vs Lease Car Calculator Excel Use?

In this excel sheet From Column A to C you can calculate car lease and same from F to H column if you want to get amount in Buy.

Lease Car

Here is some values you must enter for calculate lease of car

  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Tax, Title, ETC
  • Refundable Security Deposit
  • First Month’s Payment
  • Capital Cost Reduction Payment
  • Last Month Payment in Advance?
  • Selling Price end of lease
  • Monthly Lease Payment
  • Discount for Present Value
  • Future Value of last Payment
  • Initial Cost
  • Financing Costs
  • Present value of Refund

If Case “Car Buy”

  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Down payment
  • Resale value
  • Monthly Loan Payment
  • Term of Loan
  • Loan Rate
  • Present Value of Resale
  • Initial Cost
  • Financial cost


Furthermore, do not forgot to fill Taxation area either case of Car lease or Buy. Amount may be vary due to current price of market value of Car.

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