Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI Calculator) in Excel

Looking for BMI (Body Mass index calculator in excel sheet? Here is you can download and use for insurance and other purposes. Usually this calculator use for estimating body mass, for example if you are preparing for military test or other sports, than this will help you to analysis either your body is underweight or overweight according to you particular test.

In this calculator many Gym analysis can shape your body according to your height also.


How to Use BMI calculator in Excel?

Simple calculator require no special technical excel or Micros skill to operate this.

  • Enter your Person Name: – …………………..
  • Age:-
  • Gender:-
  • Enter Height in Feet or Inches
  • Weight in Pounds
  • BMI (Auto Calculate)

In below you can analysis “BMI range” “Status” and “Your BMI Position” and save if your body is underweight or overweight or obese according to your Body mass.

Download Now:- BMI Calculator

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