Bank Salary Sheet Sample in Excel

Looking for Bank employee financial payroll template? The salary sheet sample is different for every professional, so if you are IT, Employer or Nurse, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Earn online, and any other occupation. We have a complete payroll system for effectively managing monthly employee financial record and generating auto salary after deduction.

And, want salary sheet sample in excel for creating a Fake or copy sheet, so download our sample and create your summary accordingly. Furthermore, you just need to stamp this sheet or signed by some authority or Grade officer for the legal document.

Template Features of Bank Salary Sheet

Generally, it is good practice to keep the record of all the transactions in the company. The salary sheet holds importance for both employee and employer.

  1. Easy Complete bank money management system
  2. Record keeping through Spreadsheet (Google)
  3. Use in Creating Employee salary Slip
  4. XLSX 2007 format

Microsoft ExcelFormat

Although it is a formal document and usually prepare in Microsoft word and then given to employees by an employer or the accountant when paying out salaries to them.


Salary Sheet Sample

File Size:- 224KB XLSX

Traditionally this piece of paper is majorly produced for better record practice and preventing any sort of confusion among employees or employers. Moreover, no juggling over salary is made due to this crucial piece of paper.

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Bank Salary sheet for Loan and Credit Cards

Most of the time employees need salary slip when they are applying for a loan or for the credit card; however, the salary sheet holds more benefits for them as well as for employees.

To help company owners and accountants in simplifying their work, it is now available. This template will not only save time, It fact it will make the calculation of the salary in lesser time as well.

Calculation of Employee Payslip Template

Before going ahead and download this template, you can learn more about it here. Here the key parts of this excel sheet:

General information

This section of the salary slip is usually above the tables.

It consists of information like “company name”, salary slip for month and year”, “employee name”, “designation”, “department name”, bank name”, “location” and “bank account number”. This part differs with each employee.


Basic salary

Most of the other components of the salary slip structured around basic salary. This is because most of the salary consists of a basic salary and all the others are rest.

House rent allowance

Most of the companies are paying this out to their employees and helping them to pay their house rent. If you are not facilitating your employees with this, you can simply delete it or enter 0 in front of it.

Conveyance allowance

This part of the earning shows the amount paid by an employer to the employee to cover his transport expenses. This is fixed or depends on the employee location.

Medical allowance & special allowance

Paying your employees any medical help or any other form of allowance, you can enter them in this section. Any performance or other bonus can be added here.


Tax deductions

Depending on the company policy or the salary, some of the amounts are deducted as tax from the employee salary.

The tax type and the amount must clearly mention here. It does depend on the salary amount as well as according to company policy.

Provident fund

To help out your employees at the retirement age, a certain amount is kept by an organization and this amount is given a name a provident fund. Again it depends on the region you are working in and according to company policy.

Total salary

At the end of the earnings section, the gross salary is automatically calculated by the template. Once the deductions are subtracted from the gross pay, the total salary amount payable is available.

Types of bank Salary Slip Sample in Excel

Here are a few samples in the Banking system;

  • Accountant Salary Sheet Example
  • Financial Advisor Salary Sheet Sample
  • Attendance sheet with the salary in excel format

Accountant Salary Sheet Example

Particular accountant salary sheet with the statement of monthly depends on a few factors. This sheet is available in excel/word format.

Credit goes to

Accountant Salary Sheet Sample

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Financial Adviser Slip Sample

Financial adviser salary sheet in multiple designs, every company has own requirement but this sample is suitable for many companies.

Financial Adviser Salary Sheet

Attendance Sheet with Bank Salary in Excel Format

Most companies looking some sort of template, which they can utilize to manage employee attendance with their payroll management. According to employee attendance, they can create their salary sheet and fine accordingly.

In addition, salary sheet sample in excel or doc or any other format like PDF is available on your request, so Request this template and get custom Template Quick.

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