How to create inventory stock control template in excel? Maintain stock inventory daily/monthly using this template is easy.

Mostly manager questions us, how to manage store inventory easy without any advance software? You just require Microsoft excel base template for maintaining daily stock. Product detail to pricing factor, quantity stock in available to reorder level, reorder quantity to quantity sold and discontinues of particular product in certain period of time you can manage using that template.

“A stock control system is the mechanism through which a company manages the efficient movement and storage of its goods, flow of information and resources”. (According to

In advance tracker of “Inventory Control”, you can calculate price for 3 monthly or particular product and need to purchase items in past and future history.

Content of Inventory Stock Control Template Excel

This template is ideal to work with small and large companies. Have a look at the format of sheet before getting started:

Excel inventory template sample solution free

Select part on the top of sheet and get started.



The products section consists of, new product, inventory levels, needs restocking, discontinued products, categories and suppliers.

Column 1

Start adding all the products code here. This will keep the records separate and your template ideal for tracking and ordering inventory on time as well.

Some of the codes are also added, start modifying them.

  • Cell A2 and so on are filled with Nwtb1, NWtco-B, Nwtcn-7 and many more.
  • Improve inventory turnover with this ready to go, free template. It improves your customer’s loyalty with your company improving the quality of outcomes in lower price.

Column 2

This part of the template requires you to enter the product name after the product code. This may be auto detected by template if you have fill the settings section carefully.

Some of the products names are added in cells B2 and so on like Northwind traders Chal, Northwind traders Walnuts, Northwind Traders fruit cocktail. Start adding your own products name here.

Column 3

This column is restricted for showing the category of the product listed in column 2. Select the types of categories in settings section and choose them here.

Once you have added it, click on the category header. You will see a drop down menu for list of categories available. Select the category according to the product name in the previous column.

Column 4

Enter the name of supplier in this column. It can be same for all items or different.

Column 5

Standard cost

Now enter the standard cost for single unit of product here.

Column 6

This part of the spreadsheet requires you to enter the list price here for the product.

You will have total for these prices at the end auto calculated by template. Inventory Stock Control Template Excel/Access or other format of Microsoft is available as well as custom template you can download easy.

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