Truck Drivers Hours log book Sheet in Excel

Daily to the hourly operation of the truck driver must maintain sheet in excel format for checking and inspection of the mileage of a particular car/truck. We creating daily to monthly base driver to driver custom template for different countries like U.K, US and Canada. Also some other countries like AUSTRALIA ETC.

Note: If you require some custom template, then contact us.

So this sheet must help new drivers for complying with new rules and regulations in 2018. Every driver in the U.S and U.K must keep this dot log book template or sheet for an emergency inspection. Truck driver need this type of template for record of working schedule weekly.

  1. Without these templates, the driver face difficulty to record daily activity
  2. MS Excel printable format
  3. All driver (Truck UBER)
  4. Hourly to daily and weekly record maintaining
  5. Custom Template is also available for different nature

If Truck or any vehicle driven by two different drivers, then split this sheet for both drivers. Just like driver duty roster template you must maintain this sheet for best work.

Truck Drivers Hours log book Sheet (How it Works)

Here is some detail of creating this sheet, so do not forget.

  1. Drivers Name/Age/Gender
  2. Operations Duties
  3. Company Trademark (if any)
  4. Year and date
  5. Hourly duties timing (Day/Night)
  6. Electronic Record of Sheet

Hourly logbook sheet for truck driver sample is ready to download.

Either you are looking DOT logbook or only hourly record, this template work for you. Most of the time, drivers require a few custom requirements before using this exactly. In this case, you just ask us about this template.

either you looking for a company electronics sheet for record-keeping or another general. You require a little bit changing in that template and create own custom template easy.


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