Cash Memo Format for Hotel Cash Inventory

Cash management is the primary objective of every business and cannot be compromised in any situation.

By making or downloading a cash memo format for hotel cash inventory, you can make all money or business transactions safe and secure. In fact, the information of the supplier remains safe with your organization as well.

This is your choice which of the cash memo (Inventory Management) you select for your business processes, however, the core components of the cash memo remain same for all.  To tell the truth, you need to download it once and you will appreciate its benefits for the rest of the time.

This is vital that for any transaction in the business, you have the date as well as other important data. Ensure this by downloading this excel sheet now.

The main function of cash memo is to act in the same way as invoice, however, it is always a priority for the seller and buyer to have cash memo instead of invoice. Another benefit of getting this to reduce your business expenses while keeping all the processes organize as cash memos are cost effective than meetings.

Credit Memo Format for Hotel Cash Inventory

Keep your inventory in the hotel at the optimum level without missing anything important by downloading this excel sheet. Let’s have a look at the main elements of the sheet:

Cash Memo for Hotel Cash Inventory

General data

It is a high-quality option instead of manual invoices which needs time to prepare. Moreover, there is room for errors while calculation as well.

  • Enter the hotel name here and enter the receipt title as well.
  • Now enter the date of the transaction and receipt number.

This also ensures that transaction will be added in the accounts on the right date!


Quantity of goods sold

  • Enter the details in column B.
  • Start entering the number of goods sold from cell B4 onwards. Dummy goods are entering here edit them and you are ready to go.

Instead of goods, you are able to add services as well, according to your business.

Go through it again as the prices are based on this data.


The best part of the cash memo is that it has all the details most required! Your cash memo in excel shows the rate for a single unit of goods and services and then the price as whole for the services or goods taken or ordered. Now the total is available as well.

Details of the seller and buyer

To check if all the transactions are maintained well and to keep the record of the supplier this section is available on your cash memo as well.

  • Enter the details of the seller in order seller name, contact number, website, and address.
  • Do the same with buyer and enter all the details!

Now your cash memo is ready. Start using it now!

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