Download Car hire agreement format? Download template in excel & Word printable format. Check out the car rental agreement between two parties in the U.K format. From truck to a small vehicle, each term and condition and complete analysis required in this template. Download printable template in PDF, Excel, andContinue Reading

Store Turnover Budget Template

Using store budget templates helps you in observing the performance of your store by showing Annual turnover in excel sheets for forecasting decisions. Project budget and event budget can also be calculated for free through these budget excel sheets. Whether you are an organizer of the event or whether you are running a store you are requiredContinue Reading

Rent Deposit Receipt Template

While offering the office rental services, deposit receipt is the formally generated document as proof of monthly rent payment. Using Excel receipt templates, it eventually becomes easier for you to add up varied details of the services and summing up the bill. These templates are based on set format and standard functionsContinue Reading

Accounts Management Software

Monthly accounts management can be complicated if you have still not bought any software for your company. Daily and annually management software are also added here for you so that you can choose the best suitable software for your business. Profit and loss sheet, balance sheets and individual accounts of the clientsContinue Reading

Accountancy Management Apps

Accountancy management is required in both small and big businesses, therefore, android apps have been added here for you. Project management and accountancy budgeting apps have also been searched here by the users. Many top accounting firms are using these kinds of apps for their routine life. Financial accounting application for android isContinue Reading


To calculate the profit earned by business profit margin graphs are available here in the excel spreadsheet template for the business users. Sales analysis graph and product profitability graphs are also added up here for you. Best for restaurant/hotel business. Note: For particular business, you can request us this profit margin template ThroughContinue Reading


Are you looking for an easy way to maintaining effective control in your business in an excel spreadsheet, click here and get accounting flowchart purchasing, in terms of sales and cash transaction receiving, payable and payment sheets. Cash flow statements and payable receipts are also added for the help of theContinue Reading


IT companies can smoothly make investments by adopting ROI excel templates designed and added here by us. ROI analysis and ROI calculator has also been designed in these templates for easy calculation saving your effort. Related Article: Rental Property Calculator  IT companies are becoming more popular day by day due to their excellence in providing software and applicationsContinue Reading